Nanoleaf a19 bulbs… matter?

I’ve just got one of these, I believe them to be matter compatible and thread enabled and compatible with SmartThings.
However the qr code on the box looks like a HomeKit qr code and SmartThings can’t find the device using scan nearby (bulb is 1m from v3 Aeotec hub).
I have paired it with the nanoleaf app using Bluetooth and upgraded the firmware to the latest. Still no joy, any ideas ?

which hub do you have? the v2 does not have thread.

Should have made that clear, it is an Aeotec v3 hub

Model number? The thread version should say have a Matter logo on the box. The product name will include Matter.

There is an older version of the a19 essentials bulb that does not support matter. :thinking:

Nanoleaf’s existing lighting panel products — such as the Nanoleaf Shapes, Elements, and Lines — are not currently planned to be upgraded to Matter, says Chu, and neither will the existing products in the Essentials line, which include an A19 bulb and light strip.

As far as QR codes: all QR codes look pretty much alike. :wink: but if it comes with the original packaging, most HomeKit QR codes have the little house icon and most matter QR codes have the matter logo and the word matter. But if you generate the code in a matter controller’s app it will just be the QR code itself.


Looks like I have the version that only works with homekit. I naively assumed that a firmware update would make it matter compatible. It seems that’s not the case. The Amazon UK listing doesn’t mention matter specifically. Also there’s no matter version of the bulb listed on Amazon. Looks like I will have to return it.

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Nanoleaf originally intended to use firmware updates to support Matter, but then the beginning of this year said that was not going to be possible so they released the new models that are matter-enabled from the beginning. It was disappointing for a lot of people. :disappointed_relieved:

Here are the Matter bulbs that nanoleaf has released for the UK so far. “Matter“ will be part of the product name in each case.

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Thanks, those are not listed on that I can find. Might wait for it to appear on Amazon, or order direct …
To be honest I’d have preferred a bulb with 1000+ lumens but they seem a very rare thing in colour and obviously rarer still with matter compatibility

Several 1100 lm RGBW bulbs now available. :sunglasses: most were only introduced in the last year or so, so you may not have seen them before.

Hue has a model line with 1100 lm in both just white or RGBW. As long as you use them with the hue bridge, they will eventually work with matter.

They even have some 1600 lm models.

Other companies with bright smart bulbs like Yeelight and LIFX have said that they are going to support matter for future models, but those aren’t here yet.

If it was me, I would wait a few months and see what matter candidates appear. If you need something now, Hue works with pretty much any platform, including smartthings. They haven’t officially released their matter integration yet (reportedly they are ready, but want to wait until the partner platforms are), but all I can say on that is that if Philips hue doesn’t join matter eventually, I think it will means that the whole matter initiative has failed. :thinking:

Some (but not yet all) of the Hue sister brand Wiz models are already working with Matter, but I don’t know if that includes the brighter ones, and I don’t know if they work with smartthings.

Thanks for this.
The 1100 lumens ones would probably be fine for me if matter compatible and work with smartthings without a hue hub but at £41 each that’s seriously expensive :scream:.
I’m currently using IKEA white spectrum bulbs which are around 1000 lumens and they perform quite well (I think I paid around £13 each for those) .
The idea of spending £164 on 4 bulbs to swap them for colour capablity would make me hesitate :thinking:

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If you already have and like IKEA bulbs, why don’t you just stick with those? They should work fine with smartthings, even if they don’t have matter. And in case you’re thinking about future options, IKEA has said that they eventually intend their £55 dirigera hub to be a “matter bridge“, in which case it should eventually be possible to add the bulbs to their own hub, and then add that hub to other platforms. But that’s a lot of ifs and should, no promises.

Otherwise, wait for Matter, and there should be quite a few more choices.

The IKEA bulbs are white spectrum only. I’d like the option for occasional colour, but not really at the expense of brightness. The IKEA ones are rated at 1055 lumens and 70 percent of the time I run them at max brightness, lower when watching movies etc. I suspect I like my room brighter than the average person, 4 1055m bulbs at max is fine for us in a big (ish) room, especially when reading etc. Others might be content with lower levels

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