Why does St Home Monitor option not active under add automation

I have smartthings app (not classic) and is using V3 hub. I only have 1x motion sensor and 1x multi door sensor. I couldn’t figure out why does ST Home Monitor option not active under add Automation.

I am using Galaxy Note 8, Android version 9

When you look at your Dashboard, do you see it there already? If not, it could be a region issue with your Samsung account. ST support can help you with that if needed.

This is how it looks like. If you call it a dashboard.

Then that’s why you don’t see ST Home Monitor within “Add automation”. You’ve already added it, and there’s no reason to add it again. :wink:

Yes, that’s the dashboard.

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i believe @Smartiepants is looking for the option to automate arming STHM via the custom automation creator. Unfortunately Samsung doesn’t currently allow this unless you only use time as the IF. I would suggest taking this survey and requesting it

The following FAQ should explain. The short answer is that smartthings does not offer this option in the V3 app, they want you to open the app and choose the armed state there each time. :disappointed_relieved:

FAQ: Why can’t I use Geopresence or an Automation to set the alarm state in the new (V3) app? (also applies to unlocking smart locks)


Yes, that is correct, I want to automate the arm disarm. I tried to use the Classic app as well but although it has the option to automate, it does not automatically Arm/Disarm.

Is it because I am using V3 hub?

That wasn’t made clear in the original post or title; hence my reply.

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it isn’t the V3 hub restricting it, its the app. SHM in Classic and STHM in the new app are totally separate applications. With classic, you can automate arming and disarming SHM. With the new app, you can’t.

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Thanks very much everyone for your replies. You’ve all been very helpful, I really appreciate. Sorry I wasn’t very clear in my question. Thanks again!