SmartThings Needs your Feedback (11 July 2019)

UPDATE - Thanks for all the great feedback! We are going to close the survey for now and review the responses

UPDATE 2 - We got 10x the feedback we were expecting overnight! Any feedback people want to provide is still very appreciated - survey has been reopened for a few more days. We appreciate the ideas and support!

Hey SmartThings Community!!!

We are conducting a quick survey and would love your input. It should only take about 3 minutes of your time. Please let us know what you think by clicking the link below. Thanks for participating!


I congratulate you (although I suspect the credit really goes to SurveyMonkey) for having a survey which can be completed using voiceover navigation. :heart_eyes:


taken and shared to the FaceBook group to get more exposure


Maybe this survey will help define requirements for a soon to happen beta? Any news on that?


Shall we make a poll in here with those 7 items, as a community bonus :wink:

The last question related towhich OS are you using should have a “both” rather than iOS, Android and Other

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and BTW, let me bet on the ranking for “features needed” from people in this forum:

  1. Custom DTH
  2. Custom Smartapp

Considering writing a bot to submit 2 million survey answers with this one so that I could use the new app and enjoy the graph history feature.


It is ongoing, but I have yet to see any 2.0 features… :sob: - Hopefully this survey will be used to add 2.0 worthy features to the new ST app.

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And the survey is closed. Before I had a chance to take it…


That was fast. Available for less than 24 hours.

They got mad because everyone said they need Custom DTH and Custom Smartapp :slight_smile:


Hey All

The survey is back up and running!! Feel free to provide your opinions here:


Thank you! Survey completed…

Unfortunately, there was nothing about providing voice-over or other accommodations for handicapped folks requiring assistance to use your product. This after years of broken promises…

Tagging @SmartThings_CX_Team, @brent.lowe


I am not highly knowlegeable on accessibility but this seems not to be a mobile app level topic but rather an OS topic (Android, iOS).
ST offers control through Bixbi, Alexa, Google home and so on, hopefully this helps adressing already some of the needs related to voice control in a better way than few years ago.