Automating Smart Home Monitor?

Hi all,

I would like to set up an automation so that when me and my wife leave the house smart home monitoring is automatically switched to away mode. There doesn’t seem to be any way to do this. I can set up a reminder in the shm section of the app but can’t link any actions to shm in automations.

Tried iffft app as well but same issue.

Any suggestions?


It’s not possible in the new V3 app.

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You can do it in the V2 classic app, but not the new V3 app. See the FAQ. (The topic title is a clickable Link.)

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I jumped ship on SmartThings in alarming the home and just use it for lighting, smoke, presence sence for Arlo cameras and water leak detection. We bought the Ring alarm and love it. We just simply alarm it from a Keypad before we leave with a 30 sec delay to get out and then when we get home the Schlage lock disarmss it after punching in our code.

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Have the v3 app… that’s annoying. Oh well just have to live with it until they add the functionality

Read the FAQ: they are not planning to add the functionality. They made a change in design philosophy for security features with the V3 app, perhaps influenced by their partnership with ADT. You can no longer use the app to automate security features like unlocking a smart lock or changing the SmartThings home monitor armed state. :disappointed_relieved:

This isn’t an unusual design philosophy: with the exception of abode, most residential security systems have similar restrictions. You can get a reminder to arm/disarm, but you have to consciously make the change each time.

( I follow these issues closely because I myself am quadriparetic, and the whole reason I got home automation to begin with was to have a hands-free option for unlocking the front door. The removal of this option is a very big deal for me. :scream: )


I am new here, so this may be an ill-informed question. Can’t you just go back to the classic app if you want to use the Geopresence or hands-free door locking/unlocking? I have both the classic app and the newer version on my phone at the same time. I like the Geopresence idea and would like to use it on my door locks. However, I am only using water sensors to shut off my water at this point, so they work on both classic and the new app.

Sure, for now. But they have told us that the classic app will be discontinued eventually, they just haven’t said exactly when. So it’s an EOL feature. :disappointed_relieved:

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This lack of functionality is a very poor decision. It negates having the new app altogether

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It sounds like this is about to change so stay tuned…