Why cant I turn on my Samsung oven with SmartThins app?

Why do I have to turn my oven on at the oven and not from the app? Nor can I control the temp through the app?

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most likely for safety/liability reasons. just like in the US you cannot, at least legally, remotely ignite and start a fire place.

if your remote starting car were to start up on its own (hacked) and drop into gear (brake pressed and shift into reverse/drive) and cause property damage, let alone run someone over, you the owner/insurance are still liable.

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can you tell the use case when you want to turn on oven remotely.
Usually you need to put something to cook first and it can’t be done remotely.

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I can’t speak for the OP, but turning on from the app is not the same thing as wanting to turn on remotely. There are two different disability issues where people commonly want app control of an oven.

  1. visual challenges. For someone who is blind, being able to use an app typically means being able to use voice control, which can be way easier then changing the settings without sight.

  2. dexterity challenges. This is the one that affects me. I have very limited hand function. (I am tetraplegic.) I can, with difficulty, physically open the door and put something in, but I can’t push buttons or twist dials. So again voice control is very helpful for me.

I do understand the safety concerns, although they are somewhat less with an oven than with an open fireplace as long as you keep the stove clear.

When I first bought my smart toaster oven, it required you to physically press one button after giving the voice command in order to start cooking. That was doable but annoying.

Since then, they have updated it so that that is no longer necessary. From my point of view, a good thing.

I also use an Alexa-enabled microwave, which is one of my favorite Smart Home Devices. It has an interesting safety feature: the microwave will only turn on via Alexa if the door has been opened within the last five minutes. Otherwise it tells you the issue but won’t start. That works very well for me personally because obviously I did put something in if I wanted to use the microwave. I suppose there are people who might have something that had to soak overnight and then they wanted to just start it, maybe some kind of breakfast grains, but they would just be out of luck right now.

The balance between convenience and risk reduction is always complicated for manufacturers when we start getting into these edge cases.

But I did just want to say that app control of settings doesn’t necessarily mean the person isn’t in the kitchen. :sunglasses:


This is the most obvious function in smart appliances and is disabled, by wherever reason, is not make any sense.

My recommendation is to set up the bake/oven time with delays and warn/off times and that’s it. Samsung is not going to chance this :-1:

I bought this oven to be able to preheat the oven remotely. When I first bought it, this was possible. At some point, Samsung turned off this capability.


most likely they ever-so-quietly removed that feature for safety and liability reasons.

thats like here in the us you cannot legally remotely start a fire place.

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My electric range/oven works fine remotely but if you have a gas model you cannot remote start, only monitor. Same with electric vs gas dryers. It makes sense really.


Okay I know this thread is old. But seriously you cannot be real. Do you cook all your meals with a microwave???

Tell me a use case scenario where you do not preheat your oven before you put food in it?

Believe I answered your question and threw the ball back to your court.

I personally would like to assume my own responsibility for my own oven that could burn down my own house.

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I would like to preheat the oven when I am downstairs working so that I can come upstairs and put dinner in the preheated oven.

It’s ridiculous that this isn’t a feature, and the only thing more ridiculous are the people in this thread attempting to argue that it’s not ridiculous.

Guess I can uninstall this app since it offers no useful functionality.


Let me explain to both of you the following scenario.

Someone from your family places a foreign object to your oven what you are not aware of.

You assume that you remotely turned on an empty oven to preheat it.

But you remotely turned on an oven with an object inside which causes a fire hazard.

The fire hazard turns to be a real fire and sets your house/apartment/condo on fire.

The fire actually causes damage to other properties and the environment around it. (Just think of those bushfires in California during the past years.)

Some tricky people would turn their own responsibility to the manufacturer who hasn’t stopped them doing this.
(Do you remember people drying cats in their microwave? Or pouring hot coffee on themselves and blaming the seller not marking it as hot?)

I understand that you are responsible enough to do this so, but many people are not, and they would blame anybody else for their faults and causing damage to other people’s property or for endangering other’s life.

To try to fix stupid, the feature is not implemented due to health and safety reasons. End of story!

I understand this comment, and it is the basis of many EU regulations, but in the US the design and legal philosophy tends to be different, with “warnings” being considered sufficient for many situations.

In the US, there are some oven models that will let you preheat via voice or automation. But there are others, like Samsung, where the manufacturer has chosen not to take the risk. Sometimes it’s from a desire to have similar features in multiple countries, sometimes it’s an abundance of caution.

If there is no government regulation on the feature then it is up to individual device manufacturers to decide what features they want to offer, and up to individual consumers to do their research on the models they are considering buying.

Of course, these days, with cloud-based features there’s also the issue of manufacturers removing a feature after sale (see Peleton as an example), but that’s a separate issue.

So there’s a logical argument for both allowing preheating and not allowing preheating via automation, but at least in the US, there are manufacturers who are willing to let consumers take responsibility for their own safety in this situation.

It’s not a full-size oven, and ST integration would be via Alexa, but I myself use a cosori countertop toaster oven which allows for voice control through Alexa of both the preheat and oven setting features. It’s very helpful for me since I’m quadriparetic and literally can’t turn the temperature knob on the oven. choice is good. :sunglasses:

BTW, there is now a SmartThings integration for some Bosch or Siemens appliances using Home Connect. I haven’t checked all the details, but at least when you use their own app some of these models do allow you to control preheating at least for electric ovens. so this is a feature that Samsung is competing on, again, at least in the US. Samsung is offering more safety, Bosch is offering more automation options.

From a health and safety purpose, there is no difference between delay start and remote start as in both cases the oven doesn’t know if anyone in the house.

So, please allow remote preheat which is the main function people want or stop saying its a smart range.

Thank you.

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This forum was set up several years ago so that customers could help other customers.

If you’d like to be sure your comment reaches Samsung employees, use their Facebook page or the official support channel:

If Sam sung decides to not offer a feature like remote starting an electric range or remove a feature, it’s their business. If the consumer doesn’t like it, they can buy another brand. Except, yes as of June 2022 Samsung advertises on their own website, and the electric range is advertised on Best Buy, Home Depot, Conns, Lowe’s, as a range that will allow you to remotely preheat your oven, that is maybe false advertising? Bait and switch? Fraud? Really low? All of the previous?

I purchased their oven over the Fourth of July weekend and specifically said there were two requirements, double oven and Wi-Fi so that I could preheat the oven on the way home and save some time. My sales rep assured me she had the product and proved it in writing. There was no test drive. After it was installed, I’ve been found out they had lied.

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I don’t know if my range/oven is similar to yours, but when I first connected to my oven through the SmartThings app, I was disappointed that I could only “send” oven settings but not actually turn the top or bottom oven on from the app. But then when I read the instructions, I realized I needed to click the “Smart Control” button on the range to enable Smart Control. As soon as I did that, I could actually “Start” the oven from the app!

Hope that helps.

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Its funny everyone here giving comments on how it would be dangerous for this feature but yet they provide no help. Dam is correct this feature is still working you just need to turn on smart control on your oven.

Just amplifying:

It IS possible to turn on your electric oven without being home. Once you set up the Smart Things app, you have to press an extra button on the oven’s control panel. After that you can turn on the oven entirely via your phone.

I have no idea why the app doesn’t prompt you to this!

Thanks Dan!

For anyone with a Samsung NV7B44205AS or similar. The button used to enable SmartThings is the same one to enable remote control. After you have paired SmartThings etc, press the button again. Once, don’t hold it down. And a little phone symbol should appear above the Wi-Fi icon. Now you can turn it on remotely! :slight_smile:

You have to do that each time, though, right?

Also, some of us use home automation because we can’t physically push buttons. Just sayin’… :sunglasses:

My Cosori smart oven used to require a button push before it would accept an Alexa command, but they later changed that so you could do it just by voice, which was very welcome in our household.