Smart Oven

My wife is having our kitchen remodeled. Our designer recommends an oven with this feature:

However, our first impression is this is way over the top, too complicated and will be error prone, let alone shocked by the price.

Where do you see the future of smart ovens? What oven will be the first ST integration? What apps make sense? My son has left cookies in the oven before. I could create a rule that shuts off the oven when the smoke detector goes off. I could do that now with a zwave relay.

Hooked to the birdi or nest protect smoke detectors to turn off the oven if there’s smoke. Turn off the oven if everyone leaves (just in case you…left it on?). Starting it remotely would be nice if you need it pre-heated before you got home. I don’t think I’d be so keen to have any logic plugged in to automatically start it, though. My big interest would be in having ways to ensure it’s off.


I notice GE Brillion require a “Remote Enabled” button to be pressed first to turn on the oven remotely. I understand the safety feature but it looks like users complain about this a lot. However, it looks like you can always remotely turn it off regardless. Thus, if it could integrate with ST, we could write a shutdown rule when there is smoke or when leaving.

Would be more interested in turning it off than turning it on. My oven preheats in just a few minutes and its not exactly the end of the world to sling the food in a minute or too early.