Smart Range/Oven Questions (2021)

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My wife and I are in the market for a new range/stove for our new home…of course I’d like to have the smart capability, and have a couple of questions for anyone that has smart range/ovens…here’s what we’d “like” and I was curious if the technology is there yet, as I’ve been researching but figured this group would have the answers.

We’d like to be able to know IF a burner was left on.
#1 I’d like to at least be notified if I need to get out of bed and shut it off.

#2 I’d like to be able to turn that burner off via smartthings or app.

My question is, do these exist, and are they only on the ranges that are purely digital controls or those smart enabled ranges with the manual dials?

I’m going to keep researching but any experience would help.


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@SamsungZell can give you an official answer, but as someone who is quadriparetic I follow smart tech for appliances pretty closely, regardless of brand. :thinking:

And regardless of brand, as far as I know at the present time in the
US, all of the manufacturers have decided that it is not safe to automate turning burners on or off, whether they are gas or electric. The same is true for most gas ovens. :fire: (Thanks to @Lori_Pacansky for her post below noting that there is a GE gas model which is an exception. Still just the oven, though, not the burners.)

There are some that will “monitor” individual burners and let you see in the app if one is on. I don’t know of any that let you automatically trigger events from a change in that status, though.

In the last 3 years a number of models have been introduced that will let you turn an electric oven on or off, including some from Samsung.

I myself Use a countertop convection oven from Cosori which has excellent Alexa voice controls and a very lightweight door, so great for my needs. No direct SmartThings integration, but a few things are possible using Alexa routines as an intermediary. But mostly I just want handsfree settings so I can start it by voice and Alexa tells me when it’s done and it automatically turns itself off. No burner capability, though.

Anyway…you should be able to find a smart range where you can check the burners by looking at your phone, but right now that’s about it.

Here’s a Samsung model with typical features for the industry right now:

  • Change the cooking mode, cooking time, and temperature. {oven, not cooktop}
  • Change the temperature probe setting.
  • Monitor the status of each cooktop burner.
  • Monitor the status of the oven.
  • Start the oven (electric ovens only).
  • Turn off the oven.
    Note: For safety reasons, you cannot turn on a gas oven remotely.
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A friend of mine who is blind and so also follows this device category says that some induction cooktops can be app controlled, probably because the manufacturers consider them safer since there’s no heat on the cooktop itself unless you put the special cookware on it. But these typically cost $5,000 just for the cooktop and you can only use the special cookware which is a separate purchase. She didn’t know all the models, but thinks Thermador and Bosch have some that allow you to turn burners on and off, but the Samsung induction models don’t. And the ones that do don’t integrate with smartthings. :disappointed_relieved:

Way out of my budget, but I mention it just in case.

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I have a GE oven (gas) and I can turn it on remotely via their app. FWIW


Interesting, thanks for letting us know! I have updated my post above.

I see their IFTTT integration still only allows turning the oven off, not on, so you can’t get smartthings integration that way for that feature. :disappointed_relieved:

can you use a voice assistant to turn it on?

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Thanks all, this is very helpful. Glad to know where the technology currently is and what we are hoping for. Obviously I’m not wanting to fire up my burner when I’m gone, more just IF I leave my burner on and I run a goodnight routine I’d love for it to shut off, but…if I can just get some sort of an alert from one of the apps that might work too. Just glad to know I am not gonna spend $2300 for something that won’t do what I want. Appreciate the insight.

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Hey there! @Billb1981, Thanks for tagging me @jkp & @JDRoberts, I’m happy to assist further.

Do you have the model code of the Range that you are researching to help narrow my recommendation?

Note: Available features vary by model, region, so it’s always best to utilize the model code in the ST Application to confirm the specific model is listed to be on-boarded into the Smart Things Application.

My recommendation would be to locate the model that you are most interested in, download the user manual for that specific model here: Manuals & Software | Official Samsung Support US and check out the listed available smart control features for that model.

I hope this finds you well!


That specific model was released in 2016 and is no longer made. :disappointed_relieved: And it doesn’t do what you said it does: you can monitor the burners, but you cannot turn them on and off. Turning on and off with the app is only for the oven, which is typical for this device class.

Here is the current model, NE63T8751SS/AA. But it still only lets you “monitor” the cooktop, not turn the burners on and off. The on and off features are for the oven.

Preheat, monitor, and adjust cook time and temperature on your oven and monitor your cooktop, right from your smartphone through the Smart Things™ App.

Hi! These are the Samsung ranges I’m looking at:



Awesome, Thank you for sharing the model codes that you are looking into. @JDRoberts is absolutely correct, my sincere apologies as I located an older article that no longer applies to today’s standards in the available models, and I will update the post above for future reference to reflect the information that current models DO NOT have the ability to control the on/off functions of the burners.

After checking with my product specialist, this is an updated safety precaution and I was able to confirm all four of the models that you are inquiring about are only able to monitor the cooktop’s status, not actually turn the burners on and off. The on and off features are for the oven only.

As far as meeting your desired criteria, all the models you listed would be able to alert you to the status of the cooktop burners or the oven being on. You will have the physically turn the burners on/off but it sounds like your main concern is the peace of mind of knowing the status of the Range prior to bedtime by being notified by a Routine Automation.

I reviewed each corresponding manual for each model that you provided and each list the Smart Control features exposed to the Smart Things Application as the following:

I hope this message finds you well!


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Home Connect, which is the app used by Bosch and Thermador, among other brands, was just added as an integration to the smartthings app.

I don’t know the details of the integration, or if, for example, it would give you the ability to turn individual burners on and off from ST on the induction cooktops from those brands that do you allow you to do so from the Home Connect app, but at least it should give you some additional choices to consider.