Why can’t we turn off a range top from SmartThings app?

Real life story: I was cooking dinner for my son, I got a call from the daycare stating that my son fell and I needed to pick him up right away … so I panicked and left the house and forgot what I was cooking … when I remember I didn’t turned off the range I was far from home … I could see the range was ‘ON’ from the SmartThings app, however I wasn’t able to turn it off … which lead me to the question … how smart is a smart range that I couldn’t do anything about it but worry more by only knowing the range was on and possible my house would be burnt down by the time I reach home …

Shouldn’t the app have the ability to turn the device off ???


My “Smart” appliances are all LG and those capabilities are underwhelming as well- and while not a range, I really can’t do much of value within their ThinQ app, and nothing via ST for my LG appliances. You’d have thought Samsung would have done better though… My “Dumb” dishwasher (another brand) was bought without smarts, so I added a smart plug to it, so I can have ST tell me when it is done, and if I ever needed to, I could shut it off remotely (but not re-start it remotely).

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Wait, so you have a Samsung cooktop and you can’t control its on/off status via ST? You can only “view” the current status? What about setting temperature?

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It alerts when the range is turned on … it shows current status … that’s it that’s how smart it is :roll_eyes:

Out of curiosity, what’s the model number? Do you know if it’s the same for ovens? I guess that’s why they advertise “Smartthings Cooking” and not just “Smartthings” when talking about the cooking appliances (at least from what I’ve seen)

It is a SmartApp in the SmartThings app, like the Clothes Care for washers and dryers (or whatever it is called).

Yes, but I thought it’s more about having an end-to-end option for controlling your cooking, and I feel like it’s just meal prep. Would have been cool to select a recipe and have the appropriate appliances start heating up, or even set a target meal time and have everything automate itself. Sound like this isn’t the case at the moment

@David_Lara , according to this, you should be able to control the range remotely: Connect and use your Samsung range with SmartThings

You can turn the oven off from the app, but the issue is that there’s a button on the stove that you must physically press each and every time that you want to be able to use that feature. Every time.

After you close the door, press Smart Control on your range’s display to activate the feature

So in the OP’s case, he would have had to push that button when he started cooking in order to be able to turn the oven off in the app later.

AND—you still can’t turn off the burners on the top of the stove! :rage: just the oven (the part with the door.)

I have no idea why not. A Samsung employee posting in the following thread said it’s for safety reasons, which I could see for turning the burners on, but not for turning them off.

Here’s a previous discussion with more details, but still no solution for Samsung models.

Smart Range/Oven Questions (2021)


Oh, we’re talking about the gas stovetops? Where I live everyone uses almost exclusively electric ones, which seem to be controllable (for turning on) according to that article.

No, electric stove tops as well.

And according to that article, the burners can only be monitored, not turned on and off.

The oven (the part with the door) CAN be turned off, but only if you physically pressed the button on the stove first.

Again, this is all discussed in detail in the thread that I linked to, and confirmed by a Samsung employee there.

From the article you linked to, this is what you can do in the app. “turn off the oven” and “monitor the…burner.” But not turn the burner on or off.

  • Change the cooking mode, cooking time, and temperature.
  • Change the temperature probe setting.
  • Monitor the status of each cooktop burner.
  • Monitor the status of the oven.
  • Start the oven (electric ovens only).
  • Turn off the oven.
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