Why always RED!?!?

Ok so I have successfully set my Smartthings hub to turn my Phillips Hue lights to color RED and play loud barking dogs from my Sonos speakers if the alarm is triggered. Great…

However I have also set those lights to turn on to light my way when I come home when I enter the geofence.

I don’t want them RED when I perform an “I’m Back!” which it does when I enter back in my geofence.

I can not figure out for the life of me why my lights turn RED to greet me when I do not have them set to a red setting for my “I’m Back!” geofencing alarm disarm.

Some may say “they will just light to the same color they were last” which is what I thought. So in Smartthings I set the bulbs to white I made sure of it and saved. Yet everytime I come home they are RED.

I am red with frustration! Can anyone help?


What method did you use to set up to turn the lights red and dogs barking? I am assuming something is turning the dogs barking off at some point. When you turn them off, why not set the color back to whatever color and turn it off.

DOH I didn’t read… busy watching the Oscars :slight_smile:

The dogs never bark on returning home only the lights go red. I set them up right there in the Smartthings app. Wait… I thought I did but if I did I cannot find it again let me look brb…

Yea I set it up in Smartthings app under smartapps and security here are screenshots and here is the exact path to where I went to set it up

Marketplace/Safety and Security/Smart Home Monitor Security/Security/Next/Next

Sorry, I didn’t read your entire post (watching the Oscars so my response was off). I see two ways you can return the light to a different color. You can use a combination of creating a scene and calling it from either a routine or a smart lighting rule. Smart Lights can be found in the Marketplace: Smartapps: Lights and Switches. The second option is to use webCore which you can find a video tutorial on what it is and how to install it at the following link:

Maybe you need to play “Roxanne” on returning home for it to work. :smiley:


lol. That took me 3 seconds to register and understand but I got it! But does Sting say “turn ON the red light” or “turn OFF the red light”?

“You don’t have to turn on the red light” is the line after Roxanne.

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https://youtu.be/Nb-ABuRa9Qw bahaha! “You dont have to put on the red light”! Maybe I will try that!

On a more serious note, maybe just make sure your automation for turning your lights on with geofencing also specifies the color. I suspect it’s resetting the color to red every time you arm the system, not at the point of the alarm activating.

There is no option to change the color when turning the lights on with a “I’m Home” only “on” or “off” with a checkmark unless you know another way without getting crazy with Core and all that?

create a scene which you can call from I’m Home

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Ok. I have never created a scene before but I just did to only turn on two lights and did not choose a color so hopefully they are white by default.

However right after creating that scene or even testing it I performed an “away” then “im home” and the did not turn red. The true test is when I leave geofence and come back. If I leave geofence and come back and they are red then I know it is in a setting not including with “im away” or “im back” but specific to the geofence itself.

If you only turn lights on they will return to the previous color/temperature/brightness settings (if available). So, just turning them on is a crap-shoot. If you always want them white at full brightness you need to set whatever is doing your I’m Back function to set them that way.


Choose the color in your scene, this way they will 100% for sure turn on the right color. Otherwise its not any different than you had with the routine.


Ok so I have gone back in and even on “alarm triggered” mode I have turned off the red light and STILL I get a red light everytime I perform an “I am home”! Why? I have literally unchecked the color and yet it still goes to red even arriving at home =(

Any chance you set up a rule in the hue app that could be setting the color when you arrive?


Did you add setting color to your scene as mentioned above?

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Just throwing this out there, but have you by any chance had the opportunity to try this with a different brand bulb? I finally had to pack up all the Hue stuff I had because of the frustrations with exactly what you are going through, changing color when you want or don’t want a default color or just plain disconnecting all the time. The SAF was at an all-time low, lol.

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