SmartThings Home Monitor - Response Colors

I migrated from the Classic App a few months ago to the new app and other than some adjustments here and there am mostly happy with the new app.

I have all of them setup in the SmartThings Home Monitor. I want all my lights to change to different colors based on what event is triggered. Red for security, White for Smoke/CO and Blue for Water Leaks.

I have the following devices in the Monitor:

  • Hue Bulbs (Connected to the Hue Brige)

  • GE - Z-Wave in Wall Switches (Dimmers+Normal switches and Add-Ons)

  • Aeotec Recessed Door Sensors

  • Ecolink Door & Window Sensor

  • Smarthings Multipurpose Garage Door Sensor

  • First Alert ZCombo Smoke/CO

  • SmartThings previous generation leak detectors.

Any time I try to adjust these colors seperately in the Security/Smoke/Leak area to set the response to the color I desire it will also change in the other two. Has anyone run into this before? I don’t seeing this being by design beause there is a seperate response settings area for each monitoring category.

I’ve tried completely removing the Smart Home Monitor, as well as completely powerdown my hub for 20 minutes for a restart

I’m pretty sure that won’t help.

Something is odd because I was curious and tried doing that myself, and while checking I noticed that for available sirens I had 1 switch show up as a siren I could select. That’s super odd because that switch is using a stock ST device handler that 10 of my other switches are using. So why just 1 and why a switch? Who knows with the way the new app works and all these little bugs that keep surfacing…

this is an issue with the latest app update

Thanks for the response, I guess I’ll wait for the next update.

For future refrence for anyone the app update I recieved on 6/29/20 fixed this issue for me.