Hue Lights and Firmware Update

I just purchased a few 4 new Hue bulbs, I only had 1 previously, all gen 3. I was playing around with them after plugging them in and getting them discovered. Later that night before heading to bed I started the update for them for the firmware.

I noticed the next night when I went to play around with them some more and the colors, I can no longer make them a nice red. The closest they get to red is a dark/burnt orange. However, red was not an issue the night before they received the update.

Anyone else have this problem? If so does anyone know how to get them to turn red again? Doesn’t seem to matter if I select Red inside of a webcore piston or doing it through the Hue app I just can’t get a red again.

Contact Phillips support. It’s being reported on multiple message boards, doesn’t have anything to do with SmartThings.

Hi JDRoberts, thanks… I know it is not a SmartThings issue, but I was wondering if there was a way around it via WebCore/SmartThings that could allow me to get it to go red.