Integrations with Sonos/Philips hue/Nest Protect?

I’m looking for integration ideas with the Nest and Philips hue lights and Sonos maybe with smartthings?

I’m deaf so the music isn’t really a concern of mine.

But I do have some ideas that I’ve always wanted to do. In Star Trek, when they go into battle, they flip on red alert and then there’s red lights blinking. I’d love to do something like this for the fire alarm with the Nest protect. They already have an integration with the hue lights (a bit on the slow side though and sometimes you have to reconnect it). Would love if when the nest protect went off, the lights blinked red AND the sonos blared red alert from star trek.

Maybe also a proximity sensor - when specific people come home, different types of music plays and lights change color so other people in the house know?

Are any of these possible?

Those should all be possible, particularly if you use Core. (More about that later.) i’ll leave the specifics Sonos discussion for people who are currently using it, I don’t have them. :sunglasses:

At my house, we use a Phillips hue light strip specifically for arrival notifications. My housemate plays videogames and we’ve discovered he doesn’t answer texts when he’s playing. I’m a wheelchair user, and in really bad weather I can get stuck in the yard. So the light strip turned blue when I enter the front gate (just me, nobody else). Once I’m inside the house, I tell echo to turn the light off again. So if it turns blue and stays blue for a while, he knows I’m stuck in the yard and will come out to help me. It’s a system that works well for us when hardly anything else did! :sunglasses::bulb:

You might find the following thread of interest as well, it discusses several projects that might be helpful.


And Here’s more about core:

( I’ve moved this thread to projects so that you can get answers specific to your own set up.)

Checked out the Products for Deaf thread and got some ideas there. Thank you! How do you set up the light strip for arrival notifications? IFTTT and a location sensor on your phone to trigger it? Or a motion sensor on the house triggers it?

The fire alarm is a major thing - we had a massive fire last year so I’m very sensitive about that. Philips hue has an integration for the lights with the Nest Protect but its not perfect. A strobe wouldn’t work for me - I don’t wake up that way and need a vibrator. Could hook up to a wemo outlet and then trigger it via IFTTT, but need to figure out how to plug in the vibrator into the wemo as its a different kind of plug.

The Core is just… over my head. I’m not a programmer.

You have a lot of knowledge about this. Would love to talk with you offline.