ST turning Hue lights red when security alarm goes off

Thanks to the problems with SHM mentioned elsewhere, the security system didn’t disarm this AM when House Hold Member left the house.

What was different this time is when the lights and sirens were triggered, SmartThings set the hue bulbs to pure red.

We do have integration between Nest and Hue to turn lights red when in a fire, because red is better for smoke. But this is a security issue and we want nice, bright white lights. And I don’t have Nest interfaced into SmartThings.

Then, we have to go in an re-adjust the lights after, to get them back to their previous color.Which is actually more difficult with new changes to the interface.

The issue you are experiencing with SHM alerting with lights, albeit the wrong colors, could be related to the known issues with degraded access and control of Smart Home Monitor, Routines, and other SmartApps.

With that said have you double checked your SHM settings under both Security and Smoke to ensure you have selected the correct alert with light color?

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Thanks for the nicely detailed reply.

I don’t have the color option because I’m having security turn on a light group, which is a virtual switch. In addition, SmartThings had me add my sirens to the light groups, since they weren’t working in the siren setting.

Because of both, I don’t get either light level or light color options.