Who agrees with me new smartthings is a bad app

  • low connect device
  • many error
  • display name of device too short

dueling threads, this one on the negative and the following thread on the positives :slight_smile:
Things I like BETTER about the new app vs Classic



There has been progress, but the most glaring omission that i thought would be fixed by now is that you can’t arm/disarm SHM based on Presence. Literally the only way to automatically Arm/Disarm SHM in the new app is by Time.

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After a while using the new app I was feeling tired. The subject is also my status now.

Anyone notice the dashboard seems to be unique for each mobile device? If I add a device to my dashboard on one device, it does not show on the dashboard of another mobile device. I haven’t decided if that is a positive or negative yet.

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UI UI UI… it is not adaptive, engaging or interesting … it is very very disappointing

When Harmon was announced as dev partners i had high hopes some design kudos was going to surface, the wait continues


Still using the “old” app, IMO that new app is in beta mode, doesn’t include all the feature, is not intuitive…

and more!

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They also did not allow for the connection of there own Samsung cameras to the new app. The only camera you can connect is and Arlo!! Poor planning.

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The hub at home was a great idea. But as usual they screw up with sh… apps that are absolutely impossible to use or even understand some time. They force you to login on Samsung web site, so another login to rember and even Samsung get confused between Samsung Login and Smartthing login

They are unable to help use Google or Facebook login only, they insist like hell in the wrong direction.
Same useless stuff as Bixby app on Samsung phone. I moved to Huawei just because of this Bixby Sh… And use to use Samsung for more than a decade

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I agrees, very slow load device, very bad app.

The new app doesn’t show who unlocked the door. It’s also really slow to refresh when you first open it. Can we have the old app back, but with the fixes to stop the cloud from looping?

Over 2 years ago you posted about the lack of device dashboard parity Jkp… nothing has changed yet

I would imagine a lot of Samsung apps are going to get an overhaul when One UI 3.0 comes out. Keep (politely) sending your feedback to support and app reviews and hope they listen :crossed_fingers:

it does not show many things, these a**holes count on users report bugs, please do no report any to “support”, do not review app, always press dislike when they nag