New app integration

What in Gods creation is going on with dumb, stupid, ridiculous, new app integration ST CLASSSIC app was working just fine until this stupid crap. Seriously Samsung!!! WTF!!! I cannot get NOTHING…NOTHING… to work. I have to use the classic app just to keep my stuff working. Get rid of the new ST app and update the classic app. At least the crap works. Fix it!! Or I’m trashing the hub and going else where to get my smart home devices to work like they are suppose to work.

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I’m feeling your pain too.
I like the new app design but there are so many broken features.

Just trying to make help your voice get heard.

Yup, pretty much sums up the last couple years leading up to this cluster f-bomb disaster…


Seriously, why even put something out with issues. I’m so tired of Samsung engineers screwing things up. Thanks bro! Just venting!!!


I figured.

But with no one complaining then it would look like everything is fine.
So some complaining is needed :wink:

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How about fixing the problem…

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Good point, how about ole fashion ‘catching bugs and correcting them before having end users QA them’ with less responses like, ‘We will add that one to the list’?

@kurtsanders in this case I see complaining as a way of solving the problem.

Can’t change the broken code myself.

So only thing left is to tell the person that can fix it that it is broken and that it is important to get it fixed.
And maybe if there will be enough people complaining this voice will be heard.

Because if people don’t complain someone may have an assumption that the product is good enough.


It just seems that the communities’ ‘feedback & complaining’ is falling on the ‘to hard to do right now’ pile of mounting issues that ST is up against with this forced march migration. But I definitely understand your POV on hoping that our feedback will make a difference (although you saw how that did not work with the death of much beloved Echo Speaks app… :rage:)

My perspective on this ‘forced march migration’ is that ST has released V1 and isn’t going to polish the large holes that community testers have identified and brought to their attention many months ago (aka complained or negative feedback).

So some of our options are, from my POV:

  1. Feedback and accept the current version as working with exceptions
  2. Wait for V1.x
  3. Migrate to another Home Automation solution
  4. Hope that developers & community members can identify work-arounds for missing functionality.

You’re right.

Also when it comes to the list of options. They’re not mutually exclusive :wink:

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The only fix is to put the classic app back. Trash the the new app. Apparently we aren’t the only ones with issues…

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