Am I missing something with the new app? It takes 20 seconds to load my devices so I can control them, and if I leave the app and come back in 5 seconds later, it repeats the same delay. There’s no way a company like Samsung would release such a garbage application right? I’m missing something right?

And why in the world did they force their customers off the old app which was clearly preferred by everyone?

This makes no sense. It’s like the janitor got promoted to application architect and is calling the shots.


It’s not just horrendous, but it is broken in so many ways. I have devices it still refuses to accept are online, even though they work fine in the old app, it randomly says it is incompatible with some phones, it’s much harder to tell at a glance what is on and off and random devices don’t show up in some of the selectors.

But here is the most galling thing, even though I have been reporting these issues since August, this is what they just released:

  • Personalized clothing care tips (are you KIDDING me!!!)
  • Notification settings
  • Screen sharing to a Samsung monitor (which I don’t have and if I did, why on earth would I want to screenshare ST to it?!)

I hope those clothing care tips make up for the shocking demise of SmartThings, because it seems that’s what they have been spending their time on!!!


My post was hidden, someone flagged it, and I would guess it was Samsung because I trashed their app. Not sure they know, but it’s not a secret the app is trash. I ordered my Hubitat and I’m moving on, so it’s moot at this point. Enjoy!


something is definitely going on tonight. automations are out the window.

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