Which mydlink cameras work?

Here is a full list of mydlink cameras: https://www.mydlink.com/content/productfamily#48tabM99

“The cameras that have an rtsp server are supported?”

I’m aware of this list.I see that the DCS-2330L and DCS-2310L is supported, but the DCS-2210L isn’t listed. I can’t find much difference in the cameras that would make the DCS-2210L not supportable.

DCS-2330L: https://www.mydlink.com/CMSData/assets/Product/DataSheet/DCS-2330L/DCS-2330L_A1_Datasheet_01(HQ)20140107144032.pdf

DCS-2210L: http://us.dlink.com/products/business-ip-cameras/full-hd-poe-daynight-network-camera/