Dlink dcs-2310l

(Scott huotari) #1

I am looking for cameras to replace my wireless arlo cameras.

I want POe and Outdoor. The Samsung one is indoor only.

I am looking at the DCS-2310L, as it is outdoor and POe.

How does the DLink compare in function to the Samsung. Do I loose a bunch of features if I do not purchase the Samsung camera? I was thinking that if the best camera is the Samsung that I could build a custom enclosure for outdoor. But if the DLink is already set up for me, then that is the way I should go.



(Ben Foote) #2

Sorry to reply to an old thread, but I just recently purchased this camera. The DCS-2310L seems to work great with my V2 hub, but I didn’t own the Samsung camera before - so I have no basis for comparison.

One important thing to note is that it seems that the 2310L doesn’t support wireless WITH the SmartThings system. You can set it up to be wireless if you use the DLink utilities, but for whatever reason SmartThings requires you have it be connected via Ethernet to work. It would be nice if Samsung made this a little more prevalent in their documentation.

Good camera though - hope this helps!