DLink WiFi cameras, only limited ones supported?

I have some DLink WiFi cameras, DCS932L , but can’t see them in the list of supported DLink cameras on SmartThings.

Does this mean it won’t work? What exactly do the supported ones do that are supported? Does it just mean they are able to be controlled directly in the SmartThings app, and effect stuff like, if motion detected record, or email?

Still deciding on a system tbh, have some from various manufacturers, trying to check what is supported

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Here is what currently are supported for video.

The Samsung SmartCam HD Pro SNH-P6410BN and D-Link models DCS-2132L, DCS-2310L, DCS-2330L, DCS-5222L, and DCS-5029L are compatible.

You may be able to get yours to work for still image capture

As I am awaiting my Hub V2, can anyone with a DLink DCS-5010L confirm that it could work for image capture.


Wonder why it’s limited to certain models, and wonder why they won’t work though. What’s different in the specific models that work?

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That’s what I was wondering as well? As they all work off the same DLink app.

I vaguely recall reading something that said only the cameras that have an rtsp server are supported.

I’m looking for an outdoor camera that will work with the v2 hub. Unfortunately it looks like only one (DCS-2330L) outdoor camera is compatible and it doesn’t have great reviews…

I have the hub 2 with the camera DCS-5010L. I cannot make it connect.

There was a link for this on github, but I wasn’t able to get it installed as an app in smart things…

Check out the devicetypes I’ve created for various D-Link cameras. None of them support streaming video but you can take still pictures and turn on/off motion detection among other things;