Outdoor camera Dlink DCS-2332L?

Sorry to create new topic But could not find clear answer…

I am planning to buy 3 cameras for outdoor use and a little bet confused…

what do you think better option DCS-2332L or DCS-2330L
I am kind of prefer DCS-2332L as it has official support for ONVIF which as far as I understand will allow me to link the camera to my existing cameras from Hikvision…
but I don’t rally know if DCS-2332L will work with Smartthings or not… any suggestion?
thank you

The 2330L will work with @blebson’s DLink Manager… I’m sure the 2332L will mostly work out of the box, too. Most of the functions will likely be the same and he has been more than happy to work with people to get more versions of cameras set up (he would likely tell you to set it up with the 2330L DTH and see what works and what doesn’t and go from there).

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Hopefully I can get confirmation about that from @blebson so I go ahead and purchase this model…


He liked my post stating that… I would say that’s enough confirmation to give it a try. :wink:

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There’s no way to know until you test it unfortunately.

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Trying to understand, are you guys saying that the D-Link Manager WILL work with hikvision cameras?