Dlink camers dcs-2630l

(Amy) #1

I see there is a newer camera from dlink that I am interested in replacing my dropcam with. Wondering if there will be integration with smartthings?

(Clair) #2

Same question here.
The DLink dcs-2630l is very new and looks like an excellent camera. . . would like to know if SmartThings is going to support it since it supports quite a few lesser D-Link Cameras?

(DLee) #3

I use the 2630l with Blue Iris and smarttiles. So I cannot comment on integration with ST.

I can say the camera quality is pretty good. I recommend for a small wide area. The field of view really is around 180 degrees so the image includes whatever is about 90 degrees to the right and left. A little less up or down I think. Anything far away looks tiny and hard to see on devices. Fine on large monitors. I actually crop the image about 25% with Blue Iris streaming.

The 5 Ghz AC network connectivity is helpful. But the range not great thanks to lack of antenna along with 5 Ghz limitations. It had trouble holding a connection upstairs with powerful router downstairs.


I am interested in this as well. Has anyone been able to modify code from any of the other D-Link Cameras to work with this camera?


Thanks for the honest review. I was looking to use the 2650l in a nursery (not as a primary monitor) that will be upstairs and away from a linksys 1900 ACS routers.