Where to go after Smart Things Hub v3

Hi, new here but I’ve been reading a ton trying to fix my Smart Things Hub v3. I just want to see if my lock is open or closed and it is proving too difficult. After about 10 hours trying to fix a somewhat simple problem and reading hours of forum posts. I can’t get this thing to properly work.
I have given up.
My question. What have others gone to after the SmartThings V3 SmartHub? What is the best solution people are finding to this garbage.

There’s no one “best” as different things will work for different people.

See the topic started just yesterday for recent thoughts:

2019 Alternatives

Do you have just a lock? I’d like to know more about the issues you’re having. I’ve got 2 locks working great, along with 268 other devices of all kinds.


it is a Kwikset. I’ve followed the multiple solutions on these threads and they all repeat the same solutions. I’m sure they work for some but looking at the long threads on people with the same issues I wonder if it is worth spending much more time on it. Here is where I am at.

I have one thing connected to the hub. that is it. It is a kwikset lock. It worked for several months. THen stopped.

I reset the Hub, reconnected the lock and it worked again for a month or so. Then it stopped. The App just said it was offline.

Then I reset the hub and lock and it worked. Then it stopped a few weeks back. Just said the lock was offline. battery 90%.

Now I’ve reset the hub again (factory reset) and it can’t even connect the hub to my wifi. Which it was connected to about 5 minutes before I factory reset the hub.

The setup now in the SmartThings App is so “user friendly” and automated that I can’t even debug what wifi it can’t connect to because the app doesn’t tell you what SSID it is trying to connect to. I assume it is using my phone to pick the proper wifi but who knows because the app just says it can’t connect. The solution per the SmartThing App is to move it closer to the hub. Well it is about 3 inches form the hub. Thanks for the help SmartThings.

Anyway the thing with automation for me is it is supposed to save time. I don’t have time to continually reconnect and also spend hours debugging issues. Some of these threads with people with similar issues are very long and you could spend an hour just reading one thread. The Kwikset lock issues with SmartThings are some long threads with not a lot of successes.

Anyway thanks for letting me vent.


Thanks for the link @JDRoberts. I’ll check out that post. Thanks.

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well another 2 hours wasted tonight.
I can’t get the Hub to show up in my app at all or connect it through the normal setup procedure after resetting the hub. Probably tried it 5 times. Just continually says it can’t connect to the wifi. also tried Ethernet a few times.

Funny thing is the hub will eventually turn green and I can actually see it is in fact connected to the wifi by looking at the router devices connected. How is it connected after I reset the router is beyond me. But connected or not, LED Green or not i can’t see it in the SmartThings App. So it is useless.

Anyway. I think my time is better spent researching better options that this hub.

Which app are you using (there are two of them)?

well another 2 hours wasted last night.
I can’t get the Hub to show up in my app at all or connect it through the normal setup procedure after resetting the hub. Probably tried it 5 times. Just continually says it can’t connect to the wifi. also tried Ethernet a few times.

Funny thing is the hub will eventually turn green and through my router I can see it is in fact connected to the wife. . BUT i can’t see it through the app.

@MinerJason I was using both when it worked. after uninstalling the apps I have just installed the new SmartThings App. I used to like the classic for my door lock management. When it worked.

I understand your desire to give up, but if you decide to tinker some more I’d try using the classic app. Both apps were recently updated, and the updates seemed to have some bugs. Another update to the classic app was released yesterday with patches to those bugs. You might sign in to the classic app and see your hub already connected. For the last week my hub and all my devices showed up as offline in the new app, but online in the classic.

Also, the issue you’re currently facing seems to be related to either the hub or app, but your initial problems may have been related to mesh strength, and switching to another hub likely won’t help that. A device showing as offline is usually an issue with connection due to weak signal or interference, not an issue with either the device or the hub. A reliable connection for zigbee or z-wave devices requires a strong mesh network, which is impossible with only one device. A repeater placed between the lock and hub might have been all you needed to keep things happy. And trying to remove and re-pair the lock when it lost connection before completely resetting your hub would have advisable.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope it works out for you.

Thanks @MinerJason I’ll give the classic a try later today maybe. I have Google Mesh wifi with 3 wifi devices. One is within probably 5 feet of the door and I have a very strong signal throughout the house. So wifi shouldn’t be an issue, unless google mesh has some sort of conflict.
Thanks again

Is your kwikset lock … zigbee or z-wave?

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I was referring to your zigbee or z-wave signal/mesh, since I was assuming your lock was either zigbee or z-wave. If your lock is WiFi there should be a manufacturer app to control it without needing to use SmartThings. And if your lock is zigbee having a WiFi router that close to the door could be causing interference.


Lots of good information, thanks!

One important point:

Unfortunately, this just isn’t true. Neither the zigbee home automation protocol nor the Z wave protocol have the concept of “off-line“ as they are mesh networks not intended for continuous communication between hub and device.

This is a “device health” status that smartthings has added to its platform in order to have the state in the app stay in sync.

And it just doesn’t work very well. :disappointed_relieved: The most obvious example is that you can frequently see a device marked as off-line in one of the two apps but online in the other. That’s obviously an app issue since it’s the same hub and device and network for both.

But there are also literally dozens of threads in the forums from people saying that a device is marked “off-line“ when it isn’t. And that being marked offline is causing problems with some of their automations.

The issue even has its own tag, although not everyone uses it.


You can’t solve this particular issue by having more repeaters. It’s being marked in the cloud and it’s sometimes just an issue of cloud latency. A very annoying issue. :rage:

All of that said, the hub being marked offline is a different issue entirely, and almost always due to the cloud.

So the advice about the mesh is good, I just don’t think it’s going to solve the device health problem or the hub offline problem. Just sayin’… :wink:

Model number?

Also, for the V3 hub, the Wi-Fi credentials are stored in the hub itself, so you have to go through a reset process if you want to change to a different Wi-Fi network, or even from Wi-Fi to ethernet. This has been a source of considerable frustration for a number of community members as you just have to know this, the app doesn’t tell you.

Seems like an obvious thing, but have you replaced the batteries? Zigbee devices are renown for dropping off the network for low batteries, even when they report high levels.

@JDRoberts, the lock is Kwikset 98880-004 SmartCode 888 Series Z-Wave Plus. Bought on Amazon and had some good ratings

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Thanks @rickydg, I’ll give that a try if I can actually ever get the SmartThings hub connected again. Batteries were last known to be 90% but worth a shot. It now however is just impossible to connect the hub to the network. Maybe there is a limit to resets to 100. I’m going to try just shutting down the mesh wifi now, modem and everything to see if it comes back to life. I do really wish I could see in the SmartThings app what Wifi network it is trying to connect to . You get no information. The assumption is the App and Hub uses your current wifi settings on the phone which should work but who knows. It obviously isn’t.

I’ve no experience with anything other than the V2 hub, so can’t add to the issues with Wi-Fi, sorry :neutral_face: