Smartthings Hub V3 (2018) wifi setup

I’m having trouble getting my new Smartthings Hub V3 (2018) to reliably re-connect to my wifi network after a power outage. It just has the blinking blue light forever.
I really had a hard time getting it to set up via wifi at all; it would get to the downloading updates screen, I would see the front light go to blinking magenta (downloading updates), then go to sold magenta (applying updates), then go to blinking blue, but not progress any further. The downloading updates screen would should show 99% but never complete.
By some miracle, the last time I hard-reset the hub it came up and connected to my wifi network (@ 5G).
Anybody else having these issues, and is there some formula to get it to work reliably?

If possible, i would leave it connected to ethernet for now. There is an update incoming with wifi improvements.

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There is an update for the hub coming out tomorrow for V3 which includes a few updates for the WiFi issues.

Thanks for the info.
I’ve noticed that if I leave my router’s SSID broadcast enabled, then the hub appears to work OK. I normally have SSID broadcast disabled for added security.

I live in Australia and I purchased a Smartthings hub (v3) from the UK, delivered today. I am unable to add the device in the smartthings app. I have a concern this device will not work in Australia. Please tell me I am wrong! :slight_smile:
I can see the device in my list of available wifi devices, but when I try and join its wireless network I need to put in a password, but I don’t know the default password.
I’ve also tried to connect via ethernet cable and still cannot see the device in the app.
Can anyone help me, thanks

I would return the V3 and wait for the SmartThings Kit from RACV to become more widely available.

Hello I have a v3 uk version and never can’t connect by WiFi, how can I connect by WiFi?