Where to go after Smart Things Hub v3

update! Got the hub connected to the wifi again! I reset everything. Hub, Google Mesh Routers, modem and one of those helped.
Bad news is now I am back with the hub not being able to connect with the lock. Ugh.! I did put in new batteries but that didn’t help.
I’m almost back at “giving up” but i’ll spend a few more hours on it today. Seems ridiculous when you think about it. I can just set up the codes myself manually with the lock but it is the principle of the thing.

My opinion is that it is if it originally worked and then failed the issue could be resolved.

What’s the distance and obstructions between the hub and lock?

The apparent lack of zwave repeaters would be the first issue I would address.

hi @Madisonriver. The distance is about 4 feet with no obstructions. I’ve moved it that close to avoid any issues.
That being said after a week of frustration it is finally working. Basically I reset everthing in the end.
I have reset the SmartThings Hub probably close to 20 times. I’ve reset my wifi routers. I’ve reset my modem. I uninstalled both of the SmartThings app and reinstalled. Last night I reset the lock which I’ve been trying to avoid because it erases the codes. It now works again. I guess next time (which I know will come) I will know to reset everything in a methodical fashion. It seems these things are just glitchy given the times I’ve reset things. Thanks for the help everyone.

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