Where to buy leak detectors for ST?

I need 6 leak detectors and all the best buys and Amazon stores show zero in stock. Of course I Google online but found none.
Any suggestions?

Do you mean the new Aeotec version of the former smartthings Brand zigbee Device?

Amazon has it:

Samsung is no longer making smartthings branded hardware. Instead they are partnering with Aeotec in the US, the EU/UK, and Australia, to sell what are essentially rebadged versions of the same devices. So you can no longer buy the “smartthings“ brand, but you can still buy the devices.

I try to keep track of sellers in the following thread…

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They list them on Amazon but not in stock and have not been in stock on Amazon or best buy.

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Listed on Amazon and best buy. Never in stock in either.

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Sorry about that. I though they’d been in stock. My bad.

The Smartest House has some of the ecolink in stock if you’re ok with zwave.

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