Aeotec SmartThings Sensors & Cam

Aeotec’s website is now showing listings on Amazon

Best Buy’s listings:

Aeotec water leak sensor

Aeotec motion sensor

Aeotec multipurpose sensor

Aeotec Button


remember to check ebay, but know your prices first so you dont get gouged.

The Aeotec Leak Sensor is now available at Best Buy for $33. Link is in first post above.

Also looks like availability in many other countries is now starting to show for all devices. You can check in the Aeotec link in the first post.

The aeotec button is available on Amazon. Link above.

I’m seeing the button and multi both only listed as ships from/sold by Aeotec.

Plus a delivery fee if you want it this week

Honestly, with my experience of Aeotec in the past I wouldn’t touch these with a barge-pole. Buggy, network-flooding garbage.

So glad i got all my devices when they were still sold by Samsung. Same devices sold by Aeotec now cost twice as much. No thank you :-1:


the button, motion sensor and multipurpose sensor show as “In Stock Soon” but looks like the prices were adjusted up

So one of my Samsung Multi-Purpose sensors has quit working…Reading the description on the Aeotec replacement ‘seems’ to indicate I need my present SmartThings hub AND an Eeotec Smart Home Hub??

" * Requirements: Must have SmartThings App and Aeotec Smart Home Hub / SmartThings Hub or compatible device with SmartThings Hub functionality (connected devices sold separately)"

Is this true?

I do have one Aeotec 6 in 1 and it works just fine w/o the ‘second’ hub.

no. it’s saying you need the SmartThings app and the Aeotec Home Hub OR SmartThings Hub

The multipurpose sensor and button are in stock with shipping from Amazon. The delivery fee is gone from when it was listed a couple of weeks ago and the prices returned to their previous pricing from what I reported it showing a few days ago.

multipurpose sensor : $37
button : $30 (low inventory)

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motion sensor is back in stock at $40 and ships from Amazon

The aeotec motion sensor is now available at Best Buy for $39. Link in first post of this thread

The aeotec button is also available at Best Buy for $29

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The Aeotec cam is in stock soon at Amazon at $100. Link in first post of this thread. available for pre-order

A little higher than I was expecting. Vesternet has it for £52 which is $72. Who knows if import taxes or something else is influencing the price.

Another place where you can purchase the Aeotec hub and sensors…

These all say no stock on leak detectors

Available at smart matters but there is a shipping fee