Water Leak Sensors 2021

I was wondering what most are using? I have multiple order SmartThings Leak sensors and needed to pick up a few more but it seems like they don’t exist anymore unless you want to spend $99 per sensor.

Thanks everyone

Samsung announced late last year that they would no longer sell smartthings branded hardware, including the hub and sensors. Instead they are signing up hardware partners, who are in many cases providing the exact same device just with a different logo on it.

Aeotec is the partner for both the US and the UK/Europe, and they are supposed to offer the same Zigbee water leak sensor in that line.

This is in stock now in the UK:

I haven’t seen it in the US yet, though. :thinking:

Otherwise, go under add a device in the smartthings app, look by device type, and there’s a category for water leak sensors.

Of those currently available, I think both dome and zooz are popular, but there are quite a few choices.

Just remember that if it requires groovy custom code, ask the manufacturer before you buy if they are planning to release an edge driver version, as the groovy custom code will stop working pretty soon when the Samsung hosting free groovy cloud service goes away.

Hey there! @sblinder, that price point sounds like you may have reviewed a third-party listing for the product. I wanted to add to the recommendations that @JDRoberts mentioned by providing the US link to the Aeotec Water Leak Sensor which is currently out of stock from the authorized retailer amazon but could be a possible option for you once they come back in stock.

Link to listing: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B095TR9NYR/ref=emc_b_5_i

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Just recently looked at this myself. I ended up finding the Third Reality zigbee leak sensor on amazon.

You can find my review and pictures on amazon listed by chris b

Don’t really write reviews, but decided after reading everyone else’s I would. I bought these after seeing the good reviews with smartthings. I previously had leaksmart sensors from my Wink system but they always seemed to disconnect. I decided to see what hardware I had that could be used to lengthen the screws to below the device. I found that a M2x16mm cap head screw with a nut put the sensor up off my bench. I also noticed that they connected by default as a cloud connection so I tried the smart sense moisture sensor and although they don’t have temps they work great locally. I decided to give 4 stars overall since I had to change the cover hardware to give it a better chance of sensing light moisture.

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Thank you for that information.

Thank you for the information.

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Thank you very much !

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I couldn’t get these to detect or connect at all! What’s your secret?

If your asking about the thirdreality sensors I didn’t do anything special. I just put hub into scanning mode and the sensor in connect mode. I have a 2nd gen hub for reference. If it does connect to the hub and doesn’t detect I would double check the type of device it connected as.