Where to buy in canada

I’ve got my order in online for the Hub and can’t wait for it to arrive.

I know I want to connect it to my Sonos system but obviously a few other things too but where is the best place to buy z-wave devices etc in Canada to use with my ST?

If like to goto to a bricks and mortar shop if possible to hold and physically see the devices before I buy if possible but if anyone knows a good online store also.

Thanks !

Home depot for LED bulbs, switches, sockets, locks, more???
Some stuff at Lowes as well but not sure about compatibility
Amazon.ca but beware… A lot of the stuff there comes from international stores with outrages product and shipping costs. I saw a ST Outlet listed for $500+ and they had the nerve to charge shipping :slight_smile: Rule of thumb … If it isnt sold by amazon, run away…

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Where abouts in Canada? I live in Niagara Falls Ontario. Home Depot and Lowes are very different here than in the USA (home automation wise). Unfortunately we don’t have lowes iris and luxury of walking in and grabbing awesome stuff right off the shelf.

For switches all I’ve ever seen here at either HD or Lowes is leviton.

Lights HD - ge link, hue, cree, wifi (can’t remember the name)

Lights Lowes - ge link, osram

Your results may very, stores from city to city seem to carry different items. Bestbuy also has bulbs too.

I’ve used www.aartech.com there located in Oshawa Ontario. GE dimmer is roughly $85 shipped from them or roughly $62 from Lowes USA after conversion. This difference will add up very quickly.

Honestly though if I didn’t live in a border town I would have never got into this whole automation thing. I’m only about 30 min away from lowes in the USA and got all my switches, dimmers and iris sensors from there.

We don’t have a Lowes where I Live and the Home Depot has a very poor selection. Bulbs, wink hub and not a lot else really.

The Oshawa shop may be a possibility as I’m only 35 minutes from there. I’ll see what the exchange rate shipping from Lowes US is compared to Aartech is

Like you say. It’ll all add up if I get into this which I likely will :slightly_smiling:

Thanks for the replies though. Much appreciated.

It’s quite different up here in Edmonton. So far I’ve sourced my stuff from ST, Aartech, and Home Depot.

Someone here posted this link recently:
Apparently you don’t need to be using their service to buy the hardware.

Amazon.com often ships to Canada, although with the current exchange rate everything costs an arm and a leg.

I have purchased from Aartech before, but their prices became ridiculous.

To my knowledge, Home Depot is the only brick and mortar store that carries electrical hardware. Best buy has some gadgets and smart bulbs too.

You won’t find a great selection here, best to make some friends south of the border who would ship it to you.

I am talking about Home Depot and Lowes in Canada… The former seems to have the best selection of switches outlets etc… Yup, they are Levington. Nothing wrong with them. Have several of each around the hoiuse… Works are good as anything else I have…

I figured you were, my comment was just a general statement. I don’t have any experience with leviton but if there working for you that’s great. Price dont seem too bad, last I seen was around $60 I believe. I have all ge and was able to get the $10 per switch deal by showing Lowes USA the pictures and receipts floating around in the deals thread. It’s sad that we don’t have the greatest selection or prices here.

We just started up a Canadian online store with in home services. You can find us at shop.ihomectrl.com.

I picked up a SmartThings hub but was surprised that it did not have wireless internet connection. Is it just me but seems odd.

Guillevin International on roper road sells smartthings hub and a lot of different devices, including cameras and door locks