Wonderfully Canadian prices (not)

Was browsing amazon.ca and saw this beauty. Check out the price on the Energy Meter :joy:

Couldn’t agree more, it’s pathetic trying to find deals here. I’m from Niagara Falls Ontario and travel the 401 from London to Bellville every week. I’ve been stopping in HD all over after watching the USA hd deals thread. We get no love here haha, all go control kits are full price, ge links have come do to $10. Old model hue color starter kits are around $150. Lots of stuff have been on the clearance rack since before Christmas and prices have not come down. Some HD are trying to sell the old lux starter kits for $99 when the new gen starter kits are $79. I find myself going across the border still even with the exchange rate. I did find linear switches at my local greybar though for $38 the other day. Wish I had friends in the USA to scoop up deals for me.

I usually shop around and wait for prices to go down. I also buy directly from the US when I need them. Asking $7000 for something that costs about $100 is insane.

Last weekend I managed to get 3 Wink Relays at $49 each. Pretty good deal.

90% of the time we are being ripped off for the HA hardware.

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Amazon.ca is brutal for that kind of pricing. I often see it when searching on there.

The relays are really tempting… do they replace an existing 2 gang switch box?

It seems so, I didn’t have the time to open the box. I want to run SmartTiles on it and make announcements. Bonus points for intercom functionality.

Please keep me updated, also pictures and videos would be great. If it fits in a 2 switch gang box then I would replace a few in a heartbeat.

They are meant to fit into one or two gang box.

It would be hard to find them anywhere. They were priced to clear.

I will find one… somehow. One more question, are the switches on the side ST integrate-able?

If I keep the original Wink software, I think I can proxy them one-way with IFTTT. But I don’t think I can keep Wink software and SmartTiles at the same time.

Amazon Canada has some real problems they are either not aware of or haven’t bother to fix. A $100(US) item selling for $7K on their site cannot be taken seriously and I certain is a mistake. (currency conversion?)

When ever I see such absurd pricing I look at the seller. Almost alway some obscure shop in China. I have never seen such absurd pricing when the product has Ships from and sold by Amazon.ca. description