Trying to buy a hub in Canada and.. failing!


Learned that the current standalone hub is EOL in Canada - and based on the announcement I assume that new hubs are coming. Should I try to get one “at all costs” or wait for new hardware? If new hardware, anyone has an ETA? They are nowhere to be found…



Have you tried Amazon?

It’s sold out at Amazon Canada, and SmartThings Canada has not been honoring warrantees from Amazon anyway, which is weird.

Anyway, the link you gave is for the US. The Canadian link does not have either Amazon site on it, it links to Walmart in Canada, who is also out of stock.

Here’s the official Samsung Canadian link:

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just get a used one from ebay

I got one yesterday at Leon’s. You need to pickup as their delivery is $50 because they are a furniture store. I went to the Toronto/Weston store after paying online.