Finding Z-Wave devices in Canada?

Why don’t Big Box stores stock Z-Wave items? (other then Best Buy slinging Piper and it’s door sensor)… I pre-ordered my first Smartthings hub (v2) and as I wait for it, i realize finding devices is actually somewhat a challenge,., other then aartech, but I don’t want to pay for shipping everytime I buy 1 device.


It really sucks. It is also one of the item types will not ship to Canada… If I need it and cant get it in Canada my first choice is Smartest House. Of course now, with the exchange + shipping costs, I don’t look across the border much.

In canada, you can checkout Home Depot for z-wave switches and sockets as well as GE LED bulbs. All work with ST. Lowes carries some stuff as well but not sure what. I got an Osram LED bulb there last week cheaper than anywhere in the US. Go figure.

I want the Aeon Labs Multisensor 6, but aartech doesn’t even have them in stock yet, not to mention way higher cost + shipping.

I have ordered from AArtech many times and have had no issues with Amazon orders as far as Linear z-wave devices shipping over the border.

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Where exactly in Canada though? Because there are a few places like Ontario / Toronto which are “somewhat” close to the border and you could theoretically take a trip for some souvenirs. :smile:

And you can always find a friendly stateside person that might be willing to get the stuff for cheaper and send it over. Of course that would probably work best if you bundle things so you don’t have to ship a ton of small boxes.

lowes actually carries a few of the zwave dimmer switches…the lutron ones…they cost 50-60 $.

but i hear your frustration, all my devices have been bought form states and i drive across the border to pick them up…

Yup, that is what I do. 15 minutes from Ogdensburg NY. However…
This was quite feasible when the dollars were near par. Today it just isnt.
i.e $30.00US item = $40.xxCAN
$7.00 toll bridge fees.
$5US ups fee.

That $30 item suddenly cost $52.xx Canadian :confounded:

Below are just a few items I tried to get from None ship to my town.

The Aotec multi does temperature and humidity btw… not sure if that was intentional. :smile:

Lutron doesn’t make Zwave switches, they use their own proprietary protocol: “clear connect.”

Some hubs, including Lowe’s Iris, can communicate with a Lutron bridge, but smartthings does not.

So if you were thinking of the Lutron Caseta switches that are sold at Lowe’s, there’s a minimal integration using IFTTT, but they are not Zwave switches and they will not pair to a smartthings hub.

I have purchased from Aartech before. No issues, other than price and shipping.

Which model do they carry? Do you have a link?

I think it now makes a lot more sense for our US friends to shop in Canada (if you can find the merchandize). F.e, Philips Hue Starter kit is $110CAD at Home Depot. Convert it into USD and you got yourself a deal!

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I agree 100%… I’m in CT but take the flight to Buffalo and a drive over, or fly into Toronto now that the dollar is stronger. A ton of tourists out there packing the malls doing exactly the same thing.

Media Domotique out of QC also has Z-Wave products.

Media Domotique

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Can one actually buy something from them?

As far as I know. Why don’t you call them and find out? :smile: I found them when looking for Fibaro products. I was also curious/surprised to see they now have Securifi Routers on their site. I wasn’t aware there was a Canadian dist. for those.

If anyone has found the new GE/Jasco z-wave plus stuff in Canada, let me know.

Not sure how relevant this is at this point, but I bought 3 GE/Jasco Z-Wave Smart Dimmers on for $59.99. They work well with SmartThings.

I recently found an online store named MobileFun Canada with SmartThings and Z-Wave items. I ordered a SmartThings Moisture Sensor for $47.49 a couple weeks ago, but I still haven’t received it. I believe the store is out of the UK, so that may be why shipping is taking a while.

I don’t know anything about this retailer, but the SmartThings hub that they list is on the UK frequency (F-HUB-UK-V2), not the North American frequency that Canada and the US use. The frequency for Z wave is different in different regions and cannot be changed after the device is manufactured. That means that any Z wave devices that you picked up at other Canadian or US retailers would not work with that hub.

The SmartThings-branded battery-powered zigbee devices should be fine, they are the same for both regions. Of course any mains-powered devices might have the wrong plugs.

Understood on the difference with a US vs. UK hub, but I didn’t buy the SmartThings Hub from this retailer.

I understood that this device would work with both the UK and US hub because it is Zigbee.

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