Device advice! NEWBIE

Hey Everyone,

I’m new to home automation and trying to decide how to begin. The wife isn’t too keen on a solution which she can see (or more importantly others!) so doesnt want seperate plugs etc. What do you recommend for integrate switches (power and lighting?)

I’m looking to change out most of the switches etc. and change the thermostat/TRV’s (in the future may also look at blinds etc)

Thanks everyone!

There are a TON of devices that work with ST. It really all depends on what “look” you are going for in regards to switches.

I typically recommend the GE Z-Wave Plus Switches and Dimmers as they run locally, are affordable and pretty much well work great. They also have extra features that come in handy such as double tap which is like getting a free button do assign to other HA task.

For motions and contacts, I typically recommend IRIS motions and dimmers. They are fuss free, run local and have solid battery life.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND SMART BULBS unless you do not have a means of installing a Smart Switch that typically need a neutral wire in the electrical box to work.

Therms, you can go with a simple Honeywell Z-Wave or go all out on something like the Ecobee.

Finally, for rules I recommend using webCoRE to cook up your own rules and SmartLighting for quick and simple automations as SmartLighting runs locally.

Take you time, do your research and shop wisely in order to avoid buying redundant devices such as temp sensors.

One last thing, Amazon Alexa devices ROCK! Control you HA with Voice. Too Cool! Only $50 for a Dot and even cheaper if you find them on sale.

Welcome! :sunglasses: First things first: what country are you in? The Device selection does vary from region to region.

If you’re in the US or Canada, you have quite a few choices. The following thread covers US/Canada light switches starting around post 40. ( this is a clickable link)

If you’re in the UK, unfortunately at the present time there are no in wall sockets that work with SmartThings. I suggest you wait until November and revisit the issue, as Lightwave RF is coming out with their generation 2 shortly and it may change the options available.

LightwaveRF also has UK light switches, so again, you might want to wait until November. Or you can look at the other alternatives available now by starting in the following thread: