SHM in new app

Trying to get used to the new iOS app – I now realize that SHM is now a separate SmartApp. It’s annoying that it doesn’t transfer setup from the classic app, but I can deal with that.

However, during setup, I can’t figure out how to make the UI allow me not to use all sensors for security. I have some motion sensors outdoors, to control lighting, for example, and they shouldn’t be involved in either ‘Away’ or ‘Stay’ alarms. How do I configure to use only a subset of sensors in the new app? This is easy to do in the classic app.

First things first: there is no SHM in the new app. The feature in the new V3 which is similar to SHM is called STHM (smartthings home monitor instead of smart home monitor). So just make sure you reference the right one when you post so people know how best to help you. :sunglasses:

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Go into STHM and touch the cog in the upper right of the screen. Choose the appropriate section and select set up sensors then deselect use all sensors. Then you can choose which individual devices to use.


Yes, that’s what I was referring to. Thanks for the naming clarification!

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So I should first set it up to use all sensors, then re-configure it once the SmartApp has been installed?

By default, select all sensors is enabled. If you don’t wish for all to be used, disable that option and select which sensors you want used.


Thanks much!

Another question about STHM (the new app monitoring functionality):

Can I integrate with Automations, SmartApps, and Scenes? For example, I want to automatically set the Alarm to ‘Stay’ as part of my Good Night routine, but only if the mode is ‘Home.’ If the mode is ‘Away,’ the alarm should already be in ‘Away’ and should remain there, so no action on the STHM state, just turn off the lights. That’s how I have it set up in the classic app.

Automations in the new app, yes. Others, no, unless you use something like a virtual switch to bridge them.

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I have a virtual switch that is also a open/close sensor, which I’ve been using as a trigger for Good Night / Morning in the old Alexa skill.