SHM present inthe classic app but not in the brand new

Hy guys, since i have merged my account from ST to samsung i have intalled the new app.

Till today i can’t see smart home monitor while in the classic is correctly wotking.

ShM is the reason why i’m using smartthings, how do u think i can fix it?


It’s two different apps

Thank but it is not help me, I have a malfunction for sure and I do not know how to fix it

What’s the malfunciton?

In the stsc i can’t see shm, but is available into he classic

yes. that is by design. As I said above and as said in the link i provided, they are two separate smart apps that do not cross over between versions of the SmartThings app.


Sorry but friend of mine can regularly use it in the new app, why not me?

You will need to install it in STSC. Go to Automations and click on the + and look for SHM.

There isn’t

What region are you in?

And what hub?

V2 i m on Italy registered uk

I believe SHM in STSC is not available to users in the UK/Europe.

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yeah, i think new app SHM is only available in US, Canada, Mexico and Chile.

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Let me ask in FB group, but they sent me screenshot in past with shm in the new app

yes it is available in the uk / ireland. automations - add-Smarth Home Monitior.

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The new app is “region-locked.” So the selection of devices and features will vary depending on your location.

Italy is not currently a supported country except for the Vodafone model. So SHM is not available there. :disappointed_relieved:

And U.K., I think. Or is that not true?

not really sure. Isn’t the Vodafone deal also in the UK?

It is, but the UK versions of the V2, V3, and the original Wi-Fi mesh hubs were also sold independently of Vodafone in the UK. That’s not true in the other European countries.

There’s an SHM support page for the new app on the UK support site:

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