[solved] Smartthings Classic App Welcome Code Not Working - Frustration

So this is pretty much me venting and if anyone in the community has a solution, that would be great but Samsung does not have one.

If I have to reset my hub every time the Smartthings Classic app tells me the code is invalid then I have landed in crazy town. Either get all the features required for promoting devices (virtual or physical) in the new app or make it so I can save all my configurations, handlers, smartapps, ect. and migrate them into a reset hub. This is program and app development 101. Actually, just make it so I can perform all activities required in the IDE. Get your act together for crying out loud. You have taken a really cool developers device and made it not worth using. I know that you want to make it more user friendly, and I applaud your efforts but seriously fix this crap. It is low hanging fruit. I shouldn’t have to lose all my hard work because an app won’t connect to my hub. The minute I find a better device, ecosystem and infrastructure in the market I will be dumping Smartthings so fast future garbage cans will feel the impact of my frustration.

Can you provide more specifics on what problems you are experiencing?

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The Smartthings Classic app will not connect to my hub even when I use the code under the hood of the hub. I contacted Samsung and they said the fix is a factory reset. If I factory reset I lose all my configurations (about 3 years worth). I use the classic app to promote my devices to other systems, such as Alexa, etc. The new app does not appear to have this functionality and the IDE doesn’t have it either.

I bought a new water leak sensor and I want to have it interact with my Alexa, I created the virtual switch and handlers and now I want my Alexa to detect the virtual switch bu they can only be done through the classic (at least I think, I can’t find it anywhere else), but the Classic app won’t connect to my hub (I got a new phone and had to download all the apps again and when I set it up as an existing user and entered the code it gave me an error and told me to contact support).

I believe this is the only method currently available unless I missed some changes where I can perform these activities another way. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ok, you are able to use the STSC app but not the Classic. Let’s try the classic, logout of it, then choose New to SmartThings (do NOT choose existing ST user) and use your Samsung account. Does the hub show up or is it still asking for the welcome code?

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Which model hub?

Version 2, Model STH-ETH-250

@jkp - I deleted the classic app and logged in as a new user. The menu shows, Home, and device health as ON. Then I navigate to My Home and select “Add a Thing” (my devices, rooms and scenes are not showing in the app) it asks me to connect to the hub, I enter the code and it fails.

We’ll get you resolved :slight_smile: ) go to to item #2 in the following thread.

I bet you have two home locations with one being empty. Once you remove it, you should be good to go.

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@jkp - If you were here right now I would kiss you on the mouth. I never realized I had 2 locations because all my devices were showing up in IDE and they functioning perfectly. Thank you so much you saved me, I started copying and pasting all my code getting ready for a reset. Thank you again.


You’re welcome! The community is here to help