Where can I get the grey adhesive putty for the sensors

I have had to move and the glue that sticks the sensor to the door no longer works.

I have looked around but I cannot find the grey adhesive putty. Can someone please link me to a place where I can buy it.

I personally prefer the 3M “Command” strips. They aren’t reusable, but I’ve never had one leave a mark. The grey putty will mark some wallpapers if left up for a long time.

Both are available from Amazon.co.uk

The strips come in different sizes that hold different weights.


That is just what I needed… Thank you!!

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Does the putty work well for the sensors considering they are subject to ‘constant’ movement - i.e, when the front door is repeatedly closed?

Alternative to those Sugru

I can’t say, as I mentioned, I usually use the Command strips instead. Those hold up very well as long as the environmental temperature doesn’t get super hot. They can melt inside an automobile, but seem to do fine in all my other typical environments, including on doors and gates.

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