Mounting and moving sensors (no more double sided tape)

If you’ve ever had to move sensors then you know it sucks using double sided tape or screws. I was in a local HD and noticed a product so I decided to try it.

I’ve had this hold motion sensors and contact sensors for a couple of weeks now, work great. I’ve also removed and reapplied some sensors.


It doesn’t leave residue upon removal? I’ve been using the velcro commandstrips for the ease of removal, which also seem to work pretty well.

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nope no residue at all. I’ve used it on my walls and it came off nice and clean. Then I just mended it back together and reapplied it.

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How much comes in that? I see it for $4.25 online:

I’ve been using this stuff, which looks similar and I already had it around the house; current $2.99:

Yup something like that…

Seems like they are similar products.

Amazon says 3.2 ounces.

So this will hold the contacts to the wall/door with no other adhesive?

Yup. They claim it will hold 40lb but I wouldn’t test that.

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Anyone know the difference between quakehold putty and wax? Amazon has a better price in the wax, but I can’t tell from the reviews if it would be suitable for mounting ST sensors.

A tool that every product photographer has. Can’t believe I never thought of using it to mount sensors. Thanks!

Museum wax is clear.

I use funtak. You can get it at Walmart in the stationary section, or at any office supply store. I recently remodeled my entire home, including replacing drywall and repainting everything. Everything else I used pulled the new paint off the walls and the finish off the molding. Needless to say, my husband was not happy with me when I had to ask him to touch a couple of the newly painted walls. The funtak holds all the sensors to the walls and doesn’t pull off the fully uncured paint and any residue can be whipped off. If you are neat on how you apply it you can’t see it (which is good because its an obnoxious blue).

Loctite Fun-Tak


So I’ve been using this for a few months now and it works nicely indoors where the temps are a regulated but didn’t quite work out when I used it on the windows and in our laundry room where it can get pretty warm (hot?). The putty started to become gooey so my contacts and multi either fell off or started to move away from the magnet.