Solution to setup window/door sensors after moving

Hey everyone. We recently moved into a new home. I have a ton of window/door sensors and need something to use to hang them as obviously the sticky tape is no longer good.

Anything specific that would be recommended to use on these? Most of the 3m strips are much bigger than these sensors.

Buy double-backed foam tape at the dollar store. Cut it to size.

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Ken thanks for the info. I won’t have issues with it not sticking?

3M makes “small,” “tiny,” and “micro” size refill strips. Amazon and Staples should carry them. Small Refill Strips measure approximately 0.625" x 1.813" (W x L), which will fit a lot of sensors. The pack of 64 comes out to about $.16 each.

I like the thinness, The durability, and the simplicity of using these, but if you can find a roll that would work for you that would probably be less expensive.

Only buy the ones sold by Amazon itself, there are unfortunately quite a few counterfeits out there as you’ll see from the reviews. but the ones sold by Amazon itself should be fine.

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The command strips are good if you want something that is strong but removable. For more stubborn surfaces I like to use 3M VHB tape.


No. That’s what comes on it.

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