Temporarily Mounting Sensors

I am adding some motions sensors to an oddly shaped room. It has taken some trial and error to find the best placement for the sensors. I have been using blue painters tape to temporarily mount the sensors to various spots on the walls. It works; but it seems clunky. Does anyone know a better method to temporarily mount motion sensors to test coverage?

3M Command Strips. I use them everywhere.

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Agreed just don’t try and pull off the wall directly if on a painted wall when removing them otherwise the paint will come off with it. You need to use a flat tool to break the strip when removing.

I like to use velcro stickers. Easy on, easy off when I need to replace the battery.

I second the 3M Command Strips. @tgauchat

I use them everywhere as well. In fact I prefer this to hard mounting or permanent double sided tape.

Use some scissors to trim them up to fit your devices. I bought refills for all the sizes. Seems I use the Small and Mediums the most. Just don’t cut all of the unsticky parts off as you will need this to remove the command strips later.

Also the clear thin strips can be used as long as your surfaces are smooth. If not use the normal/regular strips that have a little thicker foam center (these are the original style).

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Found this out the hard way.
I have them on my walls for 3M docking cradles in a few rooms as well as a 3M Cord Bundler in the living room with a USB micro charging cable and USB extension being held there.
Pulled one of the docking cradles off to put my tablet mount and it didn’t go well.

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yup me too, i have one patch on my wall missing some paint that aggrieves me every time i look at it…cant be bothered repainting just for that, so i figure the cheaper and easier solution might be to go to a hypnotherapist just so i dont see it any more…no one else see’s it, but because i know its there i do!


Move the sensor slightly to cover it up? :slight_smile:

Most of my sensors are stuck on with blue tac. Not had any issues with paint or sensors falling off.