Replacement sticker for when motion sensors fall off?

Less technical question then most, but can anyone recommend a good sticker to use to stick motion sensors back to the walls when they fall off? I’ve tried a few different brands of sticker but they don’t seem to have the same sticking power.

I like Command Strips. They usually come of the wall clean if I need to move a sensor.

If you use Velcro Command Strips you can pull and reinstall your device easily for battery replacements too.

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1"x5yd works good my house.

Definitely second authentic 3M command strips. :sunglasses:

They come in many different variations, including some that are more tolerant of humility, different strengths as far as how much weight they can hold, etc.

We have tried several of the cheaper knockoff brands, but none of them has been as good as the original 3M.