What double sided tape do you use?

I am trying to relocate some of my motion sensors. Originally I used the sticky pass which came with the sensors. Then I just used some generic sticky pads from poundland. It is really awful to get it off from the devices.

What does everyone use?

I use blue tac to hold my motion sensors
Works perfectly for me.
I’ve even got a couple held on the ceiling with this and they don’t move unless I want them to.

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I use a hot glue gun. Specifically a low temp one. Sensors stay in place but if you need to move them the glue seems to pop off on one piece!

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Will give it a try. This may work for the motion sensors. But I have a contact sensor with a built in motion sensor. For this I will still need a double sided tape. As @ArstenA suggested, hot glue gun may work, but I don’t have one.

I use hot glue for everything else
You can even ‘pop’ it off upvc window frames without damage but it stays there until you want to remove it

You can pick up a cheap hot glue gun from ebay

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Just don’t do what I did. I used industrial strength double sided tape. Yeah they don’t come off, but that is the problem. Try to take them off and you take a bit of ceiling with it, LOL.

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Command Strips work very well for me.

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Command Strips for me too, they make small sizes which work well for door sensors. I think I have cut them to size as well.

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I use 3M command strips or Sugru for heavy stuff or places that have high humidity or temperature.

The 3M strips are nice because you can take the device down again to change the batteries and then put it back.


Sugru is just amazing. :sunglasses: It’s basically moldable rubber. Feels like playdough when you open the package. You can break it into smaller pieces, molded into flat discs or wrap it around something, any shape you like. Then you leave it to cure in place for 24 hours and you get a really good solid connection. People use it for everything from tablet mounts to repairing electrical cords. Once it’s on, you can peel it off again, but then you can’t reuse it. I use it to mount the Naran Push microbots, and it holds them really well even though they have moving parts.

Sugru is amazingly robust. It can withstand temperatures between -50°C (-58°F) and 180°C (356°F), making it freezer-proof, heatproof and dishwasher-proof. It’s also weatherproof, waterproof, UV-resistant and electrically insulating (up to 24v and under 1 amp). It’s easy to clean with soap and water and equally happy in your washing machine and dishwasher. Sugru can also endure the ocean’s salt water. Just don’t use it in direct contact with an open flame. That’s not a good idea.

Seriously, as an engineer I love this stuff. :heart_eyes: Retail cost starts at around four dollars a packet, and a single packet has a small blob a little bigger than a quarter. You can get the cost down to about two dollars a packet if you buy in quantity.

If you’re looking for an adhesive to use near the shower, for example, I’d pick Sugru over the command strips.


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Hi @sapstar,

I recommend the 3M. It is easier on the pain and you can swap out the sensors if they fail and still reuse the location.


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I already use command strips with the thermostat and cameras. I prefer the double sided tape or some kind of glue at least where I have to stick something to the doors.

I use velcro with one sided clear that goes on the wall. That way I can take it down when needed or replace without destroying the wall.

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Velcro works great on the door. Aspecially for those device which constantly need battery changing.

For my android control tablets I use the Command strips. Aside from the exposed power cable, they make the best possible aesthetic job and they hold very well.

For sensors, I use whatever comes with the sensor. Iv’e had to move one or two where I failed to account for the need to slide off the battery cover, but aside from that no issues.

I use Gorilla double sided tape. But once its on you wont get it back off.

Easy to remove as well.


The kind that’s sticky on both sides… :slight_smile: