When in Europe?

(Nacho) #1

I live in Spain and last year Smartthings said that, during 2016, it would work in my country. However, we are in 2017 and Smartthings doesn’t work here

Any one know when we’ll be able to use it in Spain and other European countries?

Thank for your answers


I lost hope in Portugal, so last week (mainly because of Brexit, I must admit) i took a dive and purchased it from UK
I’ve asked Samsung several times since 2015, and never got an answer

Side note, this community is great but mainly because the members, from Samsung I’m just hoping that one day they enable UDP

(Robin) #3

Out of curiosity, why would Brexit have prompted your purchase from the UK?


Probably because of the devalued Pound


In Portugal if you buy something From outside EU, you have to pay an obscene amount of taxes, just as an example, if i buy something that costs 50€ (like an relay for instance) I’ll pay in taxes alone something like 35/40€

I don’t know if Uk is gonna leave the Schengen treaty or not, so i decided that I was not gonna wait for Samsung anymore

(Nacho) #6

I agree with you.

In two years, when UK stayed out of UE, it would be more spensive because of the tariffs.

Now, the Pound is low. It’s supposed that, when UK trigger the article 50, Pound will go lower. For this reason, it would be a good moment to buy

(Sergio Ferreira) #7

Works fine in Portugal.

(Nacho) #8

A, ok. I suppose that you don’t have to do any special thing to make it work, don’t you?

When the app ask you about your country, I imagine that you have to choose UK or Ireland…

(EinarS) #9

Nothing stops using it anywhere. UK model uses european z-wave
Get it from UK, get a adapter to convert the power plug,
Plug and play.
Lots of people using it outside UK.

(Jan) #10

I’m using it outside the UK without issues - just keep in mind that warranty handling is kind of difficult. The ST hub is working fine, but ST’s sensors seem to be kind of fragile. My motion sensor stopped working after less than a year. Had it replaced (cost me around 20 € total because I had to use a UK re-mailer), but the replacement stopped working after several months as well. The multiporpose sensor from the starter kit stopped working too, but I’m not sending it in - sending stuff back and forth to the UK is just too expensive compared to Xiaomi/Aqara sensors that cost € 7 each.

(David C Za) #11

I have a US hub and UK sensors and no big issues. Just the device location

(Robin) #12

US hub will work with UK Zigbee sensors.

Not much point having ST if you’re only using sensors though, and when you start wanting to add control / actuator devices like switches you’ll generally need to look at Zwave devices, of which UK varieties won’t work with a US hub.

If you manage to source US Zwave devices you’ll find the voltages won’t match.

The hub is a tiny part of home automation cost, suggest you buy a UK Hub before you dig your hole any further, with no migration tool you’ll find yourself starting from scratch which can be a PIA!

(Bob) #13

Just to add to Robin’s comments, you will probably find that the US Z wave frequency is actually illegal to use in the EU.
Not that the Z wave police go round searching for illegal frequencies but you may cause interference to other radio type devices or indeed have interference induced to your existing devices.

(David C Za) #14

Yeah, I am considering to buy a UK hub, is the only European hub.Thank you!!

(David C Za) #15

Will the UK hub work in the Czech Republic with no problems?

(Robin) #16

Yes… all European countries use the same Zwave frequency and Zigbee is the same worldwide.

You’ll just need a travel adapter for the power cord.

(Sebke Ccu) #17

Samsung is loosing the EU market by not having introduced it on the EU market .
D-link has a a very strong alternative and it works flawlessly (all z-wave)
Somfy also has z-wave products and also intregrates with everything
I would look at one of those, because with UK or US products you don’t have support (some users hereabove already stated that they don’t respond to mails or phonecalls from europe)
And don’t forget that UK is leaving the EU in one year now, so buying stuff from there is a high risk, your warranty of two years will only last one year from now (warranty of two years is only in the EU).

(Robin) #18

UK is adopting ALL EU laws to start out, so nothing will change in regards to warrantees.

If you buy a product advertised with 2 year cover, you will get 2 years.

The likes of D-Link do not give you the huge variety of customisation you get with ST… you certainly won’t get anything remotely close to webCoRE on the other platforms.

(Sebke Ccu) #19

It’s not only about laws, but also frequency regulations and plug compatibility and voltage regulations
UK Government has already stated out that they want to uniformise with the US, so that products are compatible between US and UK.
As for the warranty, UK has always been against two years of warranty, they voted against it, but they lost. However you can be sure this is something that will change after brexit happens in the comming year.
Don’t believe that all laws will be adopted, it might be adopted in a first phase to have a smooth transitioning so that markets are not to nervous, but when the markets have calmed down, they will start pruning in the laws.

(Bob) #20

Are you part of the negotiating team?
If so can you please tell them to pull their finger out and get on with it. :wink: