Works a UK product in others european countries?

Hi I’m new hier, I have a question… Does a Smartthings product from UK works in others European Countries (Germany/Switzerland…)?

Thank you all

There are four question involved there in my limited understanding of the situation:

  1. Does the UK use the same voltage as the area you are looking to put the products in?

  2. Does the UK use the same z-wave radio frequency as the area you are looking to put the products in?

  3. Is it legal to import/use products intended for UK or Ireland in your area?

  4. Will SmartThings support your usage there?

Alright. Those are the questions. What are the answers?

  1. I’m pretty sure that all of Europe uses the same voltage, so you should be okay there, but definitely double check. Note that USA and Canada use much different voltage so may devices were will not work there.

  2. According to this link most of Europe is covered in CEPT, and they all use the same frequency for z-wave, so I think you’d be okay there.

  3. I have NO idea about this… definitely something you’d have to check on your end of make sure it’s legal to import/use these devices. Given the ever increasing scope of the European Union, I’d tend to think that it would be fine. But if I remember correctly the UK isn’t quite a full member of the EU. I think there’s some areas were they still hold out from full cooperation, so I would definitely check.

  4. Here might be the biggest problem. I don’t think that ST yet officially supports other counties outside of US, Canada, Ireland, and the UK. It could very well be that language is the biggest reason they haven’t expanded yet to other areas. That’s just a guess. I would email support and see what they say. Maybe they will “unofficially” support you in Germany or Switzerland. Maybe they will help as much as they can but with the understanding that if it becomes a problem they just can’t over come that you are out of luck.

Thank you Chrisb

Your answer 1,2,3 are right! For the 4th i’m going to contact the support. Thanks.

This is not correct, The US, Canada and Mexico all use the same power. 110v 60hz

I think chrisb meant that the US and Canada are different from the UK, not different from each other.

Yup… exactly. Probably not worded best, especially considering the OP probably isn’t a native English speaker. But yes… I meant:

The US and Canada use very different voltages from Europe.

Hi Guys

Here the answer from ST Support:

"The short answer is no. While the EU frequency for Z-Wave devices should be the same in both countries, there are issues of certification, local wireless communication laws, and socket standard like you mention.

If you do buy a Hub in the UK and use it in Switzerland, it will be at your own risk and it may violate Samsung’s terms of service in the UK - meaning a return might not be an option - but I’m admittedly not familiar with the international TOS."

I’m wondering, if you setup a ST account outside UK, for example Germany, what server ST will use for auth? I hope is US and not UK as I saw a lot of issues with auth using 3rg party applications.
Thank you!