Buying HUB in the EU?

Hi everybody
I’ve recently stumbled upon SmartThings, I checked out the github repo (i’m a software developer for a living) and I think the project is really intriguing. I saw I can play with some kind of emulator, but what if I want to buy an real hub?
From the shop here it seems samsung don’t ship outside USA and Canada. On Amazon I found one hub shipping in my country but it costs 240 eur!
What are my options? Am I even legally allowed to buy one?

Thanks a lot

You can get from Smartthings UK/Amazon UK

It is made on two frequencies, one for the US and one for the EU. There are even some community members who have bought the UK model and use it in other countries outside of the EU, but you should be aware that it may void the warranty if you do that.

Also be aware that zwave Devices are made on different frequencies for different regions, and the frequency cannot be changed after the device is manufactured.

So if you get a hub, make sure that any devices you buy are made for the same region as your hub or they won’t be able to talk to each other

Updated to edit the above with more accurate information about the warranty. Thanks to the several people who pointed out my error. My bad.

JD, I am not sure if the above is really true? I am using it outside of U.K. but what make that void the warranty? I ever encountered issue on ST motion sensors and multi-sensor, they are more than happy to support and replace it

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thanks. so pounds to euro, is roughly the same price as in - which unfortunaltely is a lot more than the us price
anyway thanks for answering

@CSC @JDRoberts, voiding warranty due to items moving location within the EU is currently an illegal practice. So your warranty is not void and you are protected by EU consumer rights. However, Samsung can choose to charge for postage outside of their supported area (UK). Until we have totally left the EU you should still be okay.


Amazon UK had the ST Hub on preorder for 99£. They probably got too many preorders and that’s why it’s unavailable at the moment.

I preordered on 17 October and it has not been shipped yet. Aaron from ST keeps telling us that it should be available soon…

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Not quite @ekt, your is for the Hub only, whilst the link @JDRoberts posted is for the starter kit which in addition to the hub includes, presence sensor, motion detector, multifunction sensor and a smart outlet.

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Thanks to @csc and @a4refillpad for the correction on the warranty information in my post above, I’ve corrected that.

@ekt Amazon was out of stock of just the hub at the time that I posted, so I included the link to the starter kit which has multiple devices in it so you could see that it is available on as an official distribution channel. :sunglasses:

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got it, thanks guys

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