Samsung SmartThing UK vs US version


I am planning to buy samsung smartthing and number of the smart things. I am living in Dubai. I came to know that US version is different than UK version. and smart devices work with UK will not work with US and vice versa.

If I bought all my devices from US, can those works in Dubai?

or I have to buy my devices from UK.

How I will know that that smart device will work with UK or US version?


There are others on here that know more than me but here is my take.
Zigbee devices use the same frequency globally so it doesn’t matter where you purchase these type of devices from.
US zigbee devices do use a stronger signal though which is illegal in the UK. Not sure about Dubai.
Z wave frequencies are different in the UK and US and this is reflected in the hub.
If you already have US z wave devices then you will need a US hub. They will not work to a UK hub and visa versa.
Have fun.

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@bobbles gave you the main answer. :sunglasses:

Z wave operates on different frequencies in different regions. The frequency of a device like an electrical outlet must exactly match the frequency of the hub or they won’t be able to talk to each other . These frequencies are set at the time of manufacture and cannot be changed afterwards. In some areas, the frequency requirement is set by law. In others it’s just custom.

UAE uses the same zwave frequency as Europe and the UK. So Z wave devices certified for use in the EU should work with the UK model of the SmartThings hub, and most zwave devices that you might buy locally in UAE would be on this same frequency. (I don’t know if the law in UAE prohibits the use of the US frequency there or not.)

The most precise way to tell the difference between devices intended for the two regions is to check the radio frequency.

The EU/UAE frequency is 868.4

The US/Mexico frequency is 908.42

Some companies such as Aeon Labs manufacture the same devices on different frequencies for sale in different regions, so always check the exact frequency of the device that you are purchasing.

The Z wave alliance keeps an official site with a list of certified devices for each region:

If you want to make things as simple as possible, you can just select devices from the official “works with smartthings” list for the UK.

thanks @bobbles and @JDRoberts.

So the only different is in Z-wave devices. but all other technologies it dose not matter from where to buy.

Dubai like UK. So I think it is safer to buy the UK hub and UK compatible smart devices.

I am going to Orlando Med December. so I thought to buy every thing I need for my Villa from there. As it is much cheaper (even Samsung Smartthing Hub Kit in US now only 150$ where the UK Kit is £199.99). but I think that will not work for Z-wave devices.

But I can buy the other non Z-Wave Devices from US that work on ZigBee or Wifi like (Samsung motion sensor and multipurpose sensor, Tido). any good place in Orlando for Smart Devices?

I made the mistake of buying 4 Ecolink Door & Window Sensors from Of course they don’t work with my EU ST hub. :frowning: I tried hard to find sensors that would work with SmartThings, checked the Works with Smartthings page and actually landed to page from the SmartThings mobile app (which should be aware I’m in Europe and have an European hub).

The Z-wave frequency differences could be present on all Z-wave device pages under Works with Smartthings. I’m sure I was aware of the thing when I initially got my hub (from original Kickstarter campaign) but had totally forgotten about it.

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sorry to hear that. but did you buy it from amazon UK or amazon US. I think if you buy it from amazon UK you should be fine. right?

There are two different “works with smartthings” pages, one for the US hub and one for the UK hub.

Here’s the one for the UK hub:

(@tyler , perhaps there should be a text label on this page so it’s obvious that it’s for the UK. Right now I just look to see if it has the Yale “keyfree” lock on it since I know that model is not available in the US. But it would be helpful if the page itself gave an indication of which region it is for.)

That said, as far as Z wave, it just helps to become aware of the two frequencies. The US frequency starts with a nine and the EU frequency starts with an eight.

Several companies, including Aeon labs, make their devices on different frequencies for different regions and otherwise they will look identical, so if you are buying from AliBaba or eBay or another multi region source just confirm with the seller before purchase that you are getting the frequency that works with your hub.

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@fadafido I’m curious to know if you need up setting up your kit and if you had any issues?

Hi Deepak,

my device is working fine, I am buying my modules from to make sure it is compatible with my UK Hub.

Other than z-wave compatibility, is there any reason why a US Hub wouldn’t work in the UK?

Asked another way, I already have a US Schlag Lock on Z-Wave working with a Lowes Iris Home Hub. Lowes are discontinuing their HomeHub from the end of March, and I am trying to work out which Samsung SmartThings Hub I should migrate over to.

My concern reading around the internet is around US SmartThings Hubs needing the US Servers for OAuth and blocking anything outside the US from connecting. I don’t really want the hassle of a permanent VPN to the US on my entire home network!

Thanks for any thoughts :slight_smile: