When I return home, my "Someone arrives" automation runs immediately followed by my "Everyone Leaves" automation

Everything worked fine on the classic app, but when I was forced to migrate to the new app it has broken presence automations. I’ve seen other threads on this, but none that have my particular issue. When I return to my home location, my “Someone Arrives” automation runs as it should, but within 1 second my “Everyone Leaves” automation runs immediately afterwards. And that defeats the whole purpose of my “Someone Arrives” automation. After about 5 minutes it realizes I’m home again, but only after I’ve walked up to a locked door and armed system. I’ve gone through all the suggestions offered by support (delete & reinstall app, delete and re-add automations, etc), but still this happens. Does anyone know why the system is seeing me arriving but then immediately shows me as leaving? Has anyone else experienced this issue? I’ve attached screenshots of my automations. With how many threads I’ve seen on presence, I’ve come to the conclusion that mobile presence is just severely broken in the new app. We shouldn’t have to go into the IDE and write code just for our system to work like it has been working for years.

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I created a Virtual Presence Sensor and mirrored that with the physical phone status I could see a history of arriving/departing. This way you can monitor it and build in a delay if things are a little whacky. BTW, I use WebCoRE to perform the sync.

And now, realizing that my departing and arriving today is screwed up in the New App yet again. :man_facepalming:t5:

Thanks for the tip, I will look into this method. Seems like no matter what we do something with presence ends up breaking.

Do you have any examples of the exact timings of the presence and occupancy events?

On arrival, if you see the ‘present’ event appear a brief moment before the ‘occupied’ event, it is highly likely it is NOT a presence event triggered by location sensing at all, but one manufactured by the DTH to ensure ‘present’ comes before ‘occupied’. I believe the new integrations behaves the same as the DTH in that regard. They do the opposite on departure.

Having said that, even if that was the case it doesn’t seem particularly plausible that the presence sensor would pick that moment to assert that it is actually ‘not present’ and change it back again, dragging the occupancy to ‘unoccupied’ with it.

For what it’s worth, I’m not sure this is a SmartThings issue.

I’ve got a Pixel 2 running Android 11 which is my presence sensor for SmartThings and, separately, for my Nest cameras.

I see similar “bouncing” in the arrival/departure events in both SmartThings and Nest apps.

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I have tried everything offered by support and still this issue persists. I’m about ready to give up on this platform. Which is a shame because it worked well for so many years before the new app. In response to @orangebucket the timing is very short, only 1 to 2 seconds after it sees me arrive in the geofence, it somehow thinks I’ve left right after I’ve arrived. I’ve tried switching up the automations, adding home mode to the scene, then having it in the automation and not in the scene. Nothing seems to work.

I have the exact same issue - I have migrated from the classic app and have had nothing but problems. The app is clunky even on a very fast processor, the automations are so slow now that you can walk fully down the corridor before the lights even work and we still have a Smartthings motion sensor that keeps dropping off after working fine for a week.

The most reliable motion sensor has actually been a Philips one, which is funny.

About ready to sell the whole lot, I work in tech and this is something else. Perhaps it just needs a full reset from scratch as I have had it for many years but the mass of physical and software work involved is putting me off.

I have had exactly the same issue with me arriving home and the location correctly changing to home and then within seconds the location switching to away. This is with a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as the presence sensor. Both home and away automations were set without any delay.

Before leaving home this morning I changed the leave automation to only turn on when I have been away for 10 minutes. When I arrived home again, having been away for 30 minutes or so, the location correctly changed back to home but the automatic switch to away did not happen and the location has not switched since - so it seems to have fixed my issue. Hope this is useful to someone as it’s an infuriating glitch!

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I did the same thing yesterday but set the leave automation to away not to happen unless gone for 2 minutes. It was worked 3 times so far so this maybe resolved for me.


That’s interesting, I was wondering if it would work on a shorter delay. I’ll try reducing mine to 2 minutes too. Thanks.

@MTG I had the exact same idea and used 2 minutes! It worked for me a couple times, but other times 2 minutes would pass before I could get home and to the front door and the away automation would run as soon as I walked up to the door and lock the door. I’m hesitant to use a longer time because I rely on my leaving automation to lock my front door. I guess I could stop being tech lazy and manually lock the front door when I leave and use 10 minutes as the time. But hopefully they fix this for us soon. According to support they are working on it and asked me to send error logs. I’ve also noticed that a lot of us with this issue are on Samsung phones. I wonder if theres’ a glitch in how it reports location data to the ST app.

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Well, after 5 times working it did not on the 6th try at 2 minutes. I have now changed it to 5 minutes to see if that works.

I hope they figure this out and get us all a fix so I don’t need a delay.

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FWIW, I’m on a Google Pixel 2 running Android 11.

As I’ve mentioned, I am also seeing strange location stuff in the (Google) Nest app.

It’s been 3 days and all is well. So far no issues with 5 minutes. I did see a setting someplace that had location refresh set at 2 minutes so I bet it had something todo with why the shorter delay wasn’t working. JMO.


Same here.

This works fine for me but for folks wanting to unlock a door or open a garage, the delay probably isn’t tolerable.

Where is the location refresh setting?

I have looked 3 times now for it but I cannot find it. I’ll keep trying.

The delay is not for the arrival but for the leaving so only the locking would be delayed.

I’m too having issues, both with 2 minutes and 5 minutes,

Since they deployed “Find my mobile”, the “updating location info” notification from SmartThings has been extremely erratic.

A few day ago, as soon as I leave the zone, it realizes almost instantaneously,

Now its absolutely erratic, I have been away for an hour sometimes and the app hasn’t polled for location yet. Had to manually change the mode (or open “Find my mobile” on both cellphones in the home and “force” the location update via a refresh).

It seems as somehow even if the app has location permissions set as “always”, the app will either probably crash in the background or something, since its not asking location automatically as was before.

I went down to 3 minutes and 30 seconds and working so far.

Sorry it took me a while to re-find it. It is under My Hubs - View Utilities in the IDE.


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I’ve always been under the impression that the Presence Timeout was used exclusively with the presence/arrival sensor fobs. I can’t see why a hub setting would affect mobile presence.