When I return home, my "Someone arrives" automation runs immediately followed by my "Everyone Leaves" automation

I am about to pull my hair out and completely give up on Smartthings. I’ve tried everything that has been suggested as a possible fix and nothing fixes my phone location jumping from Home to Away every time I return home. I am so angry that it worked perfect for years on the classic app but they had to go and ruin the functionality of my smart home with an app re-design.

I have just ditched ST presence about a week ago. I signed On to Life360. It works Flawlessly for Android and IOS

Make the switch…you’ll be in the happy place again when you do

I’m having trouble figuring out exactly how to integrate Life360 now that access to the classic app has been taken away. People were activating it in classic and then it was showing up in the new app. But now you can’t even use the Classic app at all. It just gives you a banner saying you must upgrade to the buggy new app. Guess I’ll have to figure out how to do WebCore and and custom device handlers and all that other stuff. I know I can figure it out, it’s just annoying that I have to. I was avoiding all of that custom stuff because it usually makes the platform less stable, but it looks like I have no other option at this point.

Has anyone suggested that if you have Linked Places available you could define a Linked Place for your home location and use that in the Automations instead of your home?

I’ve never tried it myself as I don’t have a problem to fix, but the suggestion is related to my previously expressed suspicions about the interaction of Occupancy and Presence.

This video will help you link Life360 to the New ST App
Click video link

I’m so thankful for people like him making this video and the smartapp developers as well. I’m now linked to Life360. Fingers crossed, but I have a good feeling that it’s actually going to fix my presence detection issues!

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It will work…
I’ve tried and tested it …all week long.

Prior to this I have had multiple threads complaining and requesting assistance on the ST Presence

I even created a couple of Trouble Tickets…with horrible responses from ST

The ONLY thing you’ll find on the Life360 that I have found is that sweet spot for arrival and departure…

I was experiencing where my wife’s IOS would Leave the Arrive in the next minute.
Playing around with the Presence Setting…it flipped to my Android…doing the same thing

I now have it dialed in…where it stopped on Both Android and IOS

This is a screen shot…of my Presence setting that is optimum

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Drat! Thought this could do it.

I added a Linked Place using my Samsung Galaxy tablet. Then went to update my automation to use arrival at the Linked Place instead of Home.

On my Pixel phone it says: You can only use linked places if all the members you selected are using Galaxy devices.

I had forgotten about that as all my phones are Galaxy devices and I only use presence automations with one member at a time at the moment. That doesn’t stop me seeing the message though. I reinstalled the app on a phone yesterday as mobile presence wasn’t working and now it doesn’t show the existing linked places or add them to the mobile presence, and I get that message as it assumes it can’t be a Galaxy device.

The only member I had selected was me.