When Echo goes dead is this because of Smart Things connectivity?

Right now (6/14/16, around 5pm EST) ST is having North America connectivity issues with the mobile app. But I’m also unable to use Amazon’s echo to do anything connected with the Smart Things hub. Is this expected? If so, it’s not just a mobile app problem, but a more serious hub problem, and I wonder if there’s anywhere to report these kinds of things.

I should also note that Echo DOES see all the ST devices – it just can’t do anything with them (no matter what command is issued it’s always a “that device does not support that command” even if it’s just to turn them on or off). I even did a refind to see if that would help – still finds them all, can’t do anything with them.

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Yes… this is fully expected.

~98% of all SmartThings activities must go through the SmartThings Cloud(s), with only a couple SmartApps able to continue to run locally on your Hub V2.

Amazon Echo Alexa connects via Cloud-to-Cloud (Amazon’s Cloud to SmartThings Cloud), and then back to the SmartThings Hub on your LAN via the internet. Lots of potential points of failure.


So now the mobile app works, but Echo still doesn’t. Do I need to report this to ST somwhere?

I’m concerned they may not understand the depth of the problem.

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I wouldn’t be concerned. When something finally shows up on http://status.SmartThings.com, you can be sure that unless you have a very, very unique situation, SmartThings engineers and Support are aware of the scope, even if they don’t fix it all at once.

Once that Status site says “all clear”, then you might consider emailing: Support@SmartThings.com … though it will mostly be a waste of time as mostly they are still working on it.

Rebooting your Hub (by removing batteries and power!) after the outage is over isn’t a bad idea.

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Okay, thanks for the info.

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Well I guess this answers my question too. My echo won’t control my likes but I can use the ST mobile app just fine. I just subscribed to updates and will try again when I see the “green light”

Looks like it might be up and running now. My stuff is working again. Let’s hope it stays that way

Bummer. I can’t turn on/off any lights yet :frowning:

Status still says sporadic. Be patient

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Yeah, the status report came on around midnight (EST) saying things were resolved, and they were (I also got messages saying ST Hub went offline, and then it came back about 10 minutes later so I’m guessing they were redoing the stuff at their end – when I got the “back online” message I tried Echo and all was well).

It’s amazing how much we end up relying on this stuff – while I can do things manually, I really don’t want to anymore.

mine is acting really weird too…it will only turn some of the lights on or off in my Echo group when I give it the command