Echo and Smartthings not working

So today my Echo stopped controlling my ST stuff. I can still control my Hue bulbs directly, but anything set up through SmartThings, Echo either tells me Ok, like she’s doing it, or That command can’t be used on that device. I’ve unlinked accounts, relinked, deleted all devices and did a search again, but still nothing. I found in the forums this was an issue in Jan, but was wondering if people are having it now again too.


Just checked, and mine is working. Are you in the US or the UK?

I’m in the US. This is a system I have at work, so headed home soon to see if that one’s still running. Everything worked fine yesterday.

Frustrating! That’s been my biggest issue with SmartThings, things work great until, well, they don’t. :scream: I hope you find an answer soon.

First time I’ve ever had any issues. SUCKS though because I was just about to give a demonstration of the systems.

Oh no, once the other Dots and Taps come online, we’d be screwed :smiley:

yeah, I was just looking at the Dot and planned on getting one for the bedroom. Still plan on it seeing as I can hit my Hue bulbs directly. Don’t like how the SmartThings live chat isn’t active.

I had a similar issue yesterday. I thought it was due to a quirk that came about during two short power failures. This is the only time I had this issue.

I got everything back by going into the Amazon Echo smart app on my phone and stepping through the apps screens. I then ran discovery on Alexa and everything started working again.

This is the main reason why I just setup up my hue bulbs to work directly with the echo and skip the ST all together. I mean in the ST app I can still see my hue bulbs and they work fine in the ST far as turning them on / off . But if I turn on or off a light by the echo their is a 5 minute polling delay.