Connectivity issues December 22, 2021

Is anybody else having issues with Smartthings today? I am. I am also having issues with Alexa not responding or saying she can’t connect to certain things and my Honeywell thermostats are not connecting through their own app.


Yes. All devices show offline in the app. Local automations are working though.

I am having similar issues. Button controller not working and unable to manual control on/off devices. Power reset my hub and issues remain.

Same for me. Local routines working but cannot connect through app.

Same thing here in Brazil. Can’t control anything.

Yes, down for me as well - Seems like WebCore pistons not firing and can’t connect through app either.

Is there any direct way to contact SmartThings support to report down services? I don’t see anything in the app. P.S. downloading latest iOS app this morning hosed the entire system. All devices and automations disappeared. All screens are spinning gears. Using older version on another device, but clicking on anything says “network connecting”.

Me too. My hub (v2) light was green but I disconnected and reconnected the power to cycle it. Still offline but the light is green again. shows operational.

I also had issues like this in the last couple of days but power cycle appeared to fix it.

Light control via the app works for me, but very slowly. About 10 - 15 seconds to turn on./off a light. Google voice control does not work. "Sorry, something went wrong with . . . "

Interestingly, the SmartThings status page says everything is operational.


Yes, I am having all issues connecting to the devices, even my phone can connect to the SmartThing Server. The support page says no issues reported and all systems are operational which makes non sense having several users now reporting problems. That says how much reliable is that support page

Yep, all my stuff is down too.

Same here. A lot of my devices names seem to have been renamed to the default name. Not fun.

Same here in Canada.
America only ?

App will not connect. Automations appear to be working but no integration with Alexa and the moment.

Looks to be another AWS problem. AWS live status. Problems and outages for Amazon Web Services | Downdetector

Everything just came back for me.

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Yup was and it looks like things are starting to come back online.

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Yea, the service at the place I work are affected too by the AWS EC2 outage. All AWS EC2 instances slowly coming back.

Can connect to app but some devices are still not working. Showing incorrect status. Won’t integrate with Alexa.